EMS Problem

About a few months ago, I had purchased the EMS 6500 Digital for 47 bucks, which was a great deal.

Well, it can generate quite a shock for its size. It was a great little machine, and I loved it.
One day, I was playing a prank on my friend, I set the settings on highest possible to produce a great amount of shock. I did not start at a low setting, I just went straight to the top.
I told my buddy its on the lowest, will when I turned it all the way up, it just turned off. Now it wont turn on anymore. Did it burn? I switched batteries, still didnt work. Was it because of what I did? Are you suppose to start on a low setting?

Would you guys recommend me buying the same one again?

Here are the specifications for the EMS unit-

EMS 6500 Digital
Dual Channel unit. 50~300 micro-second, adjustable pulse width. 0~80mA pulse amplitude each channel.
Pulse Amplitude Constant current 0 ~ 80 mA peak into 500 ohm load each channel; adjustable
Pulse Width 50 - 300 micro-second adjustable pulse width
Pulse Waveform Asymmetric biphasic square pulse wave with zero net direct current
Pulse Frequency 2 - 120 Hz
Timer 60 sets of operation records, 999 hours record time
Pulse Ramp 1-8 seconds
Contraction/ Relaxation Variable control (2-99 sec)
Battery 9 v alkaline battery

Is there a warranty for the unit? Check and you may be able to get a replacement, or at least send it back for repairs. I’d skip the story on the attempted torture of your friend when talking to service staff.

I lost the unit… eeee… yeah would u guys buy the same one if u where in my position?

i did the exact same thing on a mate of mine also…i put the volume up to 10(max),strapped it on his forearm and told him to relax

then i pressed the button and wow…shawshank redemption revived.

this guy screamed like a girl,couldn’t move and also peed his pants.it wil be the last time i’ll try it on anyone so beware

That’s the problem with these units! Too many of you have seen “Marathon Man”!