EMS Max Strength Journal

If your scores are always green despite significant shifts in the number, it sounds like a bug. I’d report it via the Bioforce web app.

You can view my results in my journal, I wouldn’t say I have significant shifts in my numbers. I know what my body feels like when I am in green/9-10 and there are days when I feel like shit an/or avg and it still reads green/9-10.

This is where HRV is really valuable. You avoid getting yourself really sick! Throughout the year with my athlete who has used HRV, we were able to predict illness and back off for a couple of days. The times we plowed through despite low readings, he of course ran like garbage.

Ya there’s something magical about the bands, it’s too bad that my ROM goes stiff so easily if I don’t keep doing it consistently. I’ll definitely ask the physiotherapist to try these ideas and I’m kind of disappointed that he hasn’t experimented with them already. At this point, there really isn’t anything that’s contraindicated due to my surgery now that the bone spur is gone. For some reason here in America, physical therapists will try to do everything they can NOT to touch you during the session. For example, I told my last physiotherapist over and over again how rock solid my scar tissue wounds are from surgery. Her solution was to get a rolling stick and roll it on the area. I had to try really hard not to laugh at this, but sometimes they really have no clue what it means to find the best solution or let alone use a logical solution.

Be careful now, I am an American Physical Therapist. Just kidding about the be careful. First off with the stick, there are times when tools do better with soft tissue than hands. This frustrates me because I would prefer to use my hands, but techniques like graston work better with IT band syndrome and other areas of tightness. I would recommend cross friction massage to deal with scar tissue though. The graston philosophy may help there too. Let me know if you have any questions and I can try to explain it.

As for the lack of hands on treatment, this happens more than I like as well. However, what people often miss is how broad a field Physical Therapy is. Physical Therapy covers everything with cardiopulmonary (Heart attack, COPD, CHF, etc.), pediatrics (cerebal palsy, muscular dystrophy, etc.), Neuromuscular (CVA, TBI, etc.), and Musculoskeletal (joint, muscle, nerve, etc.). This does not even include the basic knowledge needed in pharmacology, pathophysiology, etc. No one can be an expert in all things. Actually, no one can be an expert in just one of those big categories. There are sub-specialties in each. In your case and what I recommend for most people with musculoskeletal issues is to find a Manual Physical Therapist. I prefer the Australian or Maitland approach. In my experience, they will be more likely to look at a combination of manual (hands on) treatment combined with directed exercise/movement. This tends to lead to pretty good outcomes because you are attacking the issues from both sides if that is what is needed.

Friday, 8.23.13
HRV - 81 white/normal

Glute Bridge - 3x10, 10sec hold at top
6 way leg raises - 1x20
SL glute bridge - 5x10
SL Leg Curl - 4x6, 55lbs
SL Leg ext + BW Squat - 3x10+10
Step-downs - 3x15

Speedcoach lv2
Quads - 60/60
Hamstrings - 45/35
Glutes - 70/50

6.5 Weeks Post Surgery, Monday, 8.26.13
HRV - 86 white/normal

Glute Bridge - 3x10, 10sec hold at top
SL glute bridge - 5x10
SL Leg Curl - 4x6, 55lbs
SL Leg ext + BW Squat - 3x10+10
SL Squat to Box- 3x15

Speedcoach lv2
Quads - 63/53
Hamstrings - 42/27
Glutes - 70/50

60min massage afterwards. Also went to PT to get some hip distraction.

I really needed the tone reduction and am seeing some okay results so far. I’ve been feeling some irritation in front of my hip (where the scar tissue is) when I do an RDL motion, it feels like a muscle twinge. There’s still a lump of scar tissue in the surgery wound and I don’t think the massage session really helped it much. My next plan is to get at least 1-2 more sessions and start using DMSO on the area when it arrives in the mail.

Tuesday, 8.27.13
HRV - 87.2, RHR - 65

Seated OHB - 3x5, 125lbs
Weighted Pullup - BW + 22.5 x 5, 17.5 x 5, 12.5 x 5
Pushups - 3 x 15,
BB work - 15min

Wednesday, 8.28.13
HRV - 95, RHR - 62

OFF/extremely busy

7 Week Post Surgery, 8.29.13
HRV - 85, RHR - 66 white/normal

Glute Bridge - 3x10, 10sec hold at top
6 Way Leg Raise - 1 x 10
SL Leg Curl - 3 x 6, 60lbs
SL Leg ext + BW Squat - 3 x 10+10
SL Squat to Box - 3 x 15

Speedcoach lv3
Quads -60/50
Hamstrings - 43/31
Glutes - 70/50

It’s been a long first week of grad school. My hip recovery is finally coming around, I started doing a FABER/Butterfly stretch and have been able to gain a bit more ROM. It’s still not 100% pain free, but I’ve definitely noticed an improvement over the past 2-3 days after the 60min massage session. The bodyweight squats even felt pretty good as I was getting to near parallel with no pain. I’m really hoping I can return to the platform before week 12.

Friday, 8.30.13
HRV - 85 - RHR - 72, white/normal

Seated OHP - 3x5, 115lbs
Pullup - 3 x 5, BW+ 10lbs
Dips - 2x10, BW
-BB Work - 20min

Saturday, 8.31.13
HRV - 90, RHR - 65, white/normal

BB RDL - 3 x 10, 95lbs
BB Split Squat - 3 x 10, 45lbs
BW Lunges - 3 x 10
SL RDL - 3 x 10, 20’s
DBL Leg ext - 3 x 10, 130lbs
DBL Leg curl - 3 x 8, 90lbs

Speedcoach lv3
Quads - 65/65
Hamstrings - 48/35
Glutes - 75/55

I finally feel comfortable to at least do some real leg exercises. There wasn’t any pinching involved with the single leg work as expected, but I did feel uncoordinated with my left/operated side. Today my glutes/hamstrings are extremely sore as expected from those exercises. I feel like I could be back in a few weeks as expected now as long as I can continue finding ways to stretch my hip capsule and squat without pinching. The scar tissue has disappeared a little bit over the past month and yesterday I applied some DMSO to it. I remember in the past Charlie said to be careful training when using DMSO because he thought that it can weaken tissues. I’m going to aim to use it once per week on the off days.

7.5 Weeks Post Surgery, Monday, 9.2.13
HRV - 84, RHR - 64, white/normal

Resisted Lateral Shuffle - 3 x 10 steps each way, heavy blue band ankle cuff
Walking Lunge - 3 x 10, BW
SL RDL - 3 x 12, BW - touch floor
Static Lunge Hold -1 x 30sec
Fire Hydrants - 2 x 10

Speedcoach lv3
Quads - 68/68
Hamstrings - 48/32
Glutes - 75/55

No gym access today because of labor day. The workout was still challenging, the lunge holds felt real shaky with my bad hip but no pain. I even tried out some wider stance BW squats in the warmup and didn’t feel any pinching but I couldn’t go lower than 90 degrees. EMS session was intense today.

Tuesday, 9.3.13
HRV - 86, RHR - 71

Seated OHP - 3x5, 130lbs
Wt Pullup - BW+25 x 5, 15 x 5, 5lb x 5

Wednesday, 9.4.13
HRV - 92, RHR - 68, white

Resisted Lateral Shuffle - 3 x 12
BB Split Squat - 3 x 10, 95lbs
RDL - 3 x 10, 95lbs
Static Lunge hold - 2 x 30sec
SL RDL - 3 x 10


8 Weeks Post Surgery, Thusday, 9.5.13
HRV - 89, RHR - 63, white

No training/game day

Friday, 9.6.13
HRV - 84, RHR - 70, Orange - recommended light day

Standing OHP - 3 x 5, 120lbs
Pullup - 3 x 5, BW

Saturday, 9.7.13
HRV - 92, RHR - 68.4, Green - good recovery

BB Split Squat - 3 x 10, 115lbs
RDL - 3 x 10, 95lbs
Standing Leg Curl -3 x 5, 40lbs
Bike Intervals - 20sec moderately fast ON, 40sec easy. Repeated 5x

So far the loaded single leg work hasn’t given me too much trouble. I tried doing some double leg squats on Monday with just bodyweight and there still is pinching and my right leg is compensating as well as doing most of the work. I’ve been extremely frustrated with how slow things are and how little my physiotherapist does for me (if I could get a new one, I would). Even though my surgeon said that the rehab should only be about 3 months, at this point I think it will take me a lot longer - at least 4 months. Ed Reed from the Texans is on his 6th month of rehab and he still doesn’t feel right.

As far as EMS goes, I felt like I needed to unload from it a bit after doing 9 sessions with it. If I go back on it next week, I’ll probably aim for 2 sessions per week now that I can at least do better voluntary exercises than I was doing.

8.5 weeks post surgery, Monday, 9.9.13
HRV - 88, RHR - 67, white/normal

BB Split Squat 40x0 - 3 x 10, 125lbs
RDL 20x0 - 95 x 10, 115 x 10, 135lbs x 10
Standing SL Leg Curl 20x0 - 3 x 5, 50lbs
Heavy Resisted Bike Sprints - 5 x 20sec moderately fast/40sec OFF
Resisted Lateral Shuffle - 3 x 12

Speedcoach lv4
Quads - 70/60
Hamstrings - 45/33
Glutes - 77/57

I’m going to aim to use EMS twice per week instead of 3x per week over the next 4 weeks.

Have a look in your area for a Musculoskeletal Therapist or MST for short.

I had never heard of it till I found it as a Bachelor Degree 2 months ago.
Seems it pretty much covers what I’m already doing for clients and I get fantastic results for a broad range of issues.

Thanks for the reference, I believe CLIMBON mentioned something like this earlier in my journal. I haven’t been able to find a practitioner locator on any of the websites. I would hope that there are some therapists here in the USA. By the way, I think that I did get some cupping at my last massage therapist session a couple weeks ago. I’m going to try to book an appointment later this week to get some more of it.

If you go to ozpt.com, you can find a few manual physical therapists in Texas. Maybe that will help you and your hip.

Thanks, I’m actually in East TN now and I’ve already located someone near me. Do you by any chance have any personal recommendations of anyone in the TN, VA, NC, or SC surrounding areas?

I am in SC. Also, I have 2 friends that are good that own their own clinics in SC.

Tuesday, 9.10.13
HRV - 86, RHR - 66, white/normal

Seated Military Press 30x0 - 3 x 3, 135lbs
Wide Grip Pullup - 2033 - 3x3, BW
BB Work
Jogged two laps around the track.

Ultrasound on hip in PT.

I’m switching to a different physiotherapist this upcoming Monday, it’s just more and more fucking bullshit that I have to deal with. I had a talk with the surgeon’s assistant and he was telling me that I’m progressing way to fast with the exercises and that I should have waited until week 12 to do lunges, split squats, RDLS, etc. He then told me that I should have been getting ultrasound since week 2 to break up the scar tissue. At my appointment yesterday, I literally had to beg the PT to give me ultrasound. When he was palpating the scar tissue (which is more near the lateral TFL), he was telling me that it was my greater trochanter… WTF?

Honestly, it’s really my own fault for this rehab process not going as well as it should. I decided to go with a typical PT who was located near my apartment/school for convenience. If I would have listened to what a couple members of this forum recommended, I probably wouldn’t be complaining right now.

Wednesday, 9.11.13
HRV - 87.2, RHR - 69.8, white/normal

9 Weeks Post Surgery, Thursday 9.12.13
HRV - 87, RHR - 68, white/normal

Seated Hip IR - 3 x 10
BW 1/2 squat 5512 - 3 x 5
Standing Hamstring Curl w/ foot ER 30X3 - 3 x 5, 40lbs
Step-down - 3 x 15
Static Lunge - 2 x 30sec
Kneeling side plank - 2 x 30sec
SL balance - 2 x 30sec

Friday, 9.13.13
HRV - 80, RHR -70, orange/back off

Seated Military Press - 3 x 3, 120lbs
Wide Grip Pullup 3033 - 3 x 3, BW
BB work - 20min

Saturday, 9.14.13
HRV - 96, RHR - 63, Green/Good recovery

I’ve noticed that my hip internal rotators are extremely weak when my hip and knee is flexed at 90 degrees. I’ve been doing light band exercises to strengthen this movement and it seems to improve my flexion and eliminate pinching. This could very well be the root/cause of all of my problems that I’ve been having. I think it’s a mere muscle imbalance. I’ll see what the new PT says about it tomorrow.

9.5 Weeks Post Surgery, Monday, 9.16.13
HRV - 99, RHR - 53. Red/Back-off

Seated Internal Hip rotation - 3 x 10
Leg Ext 30X0 - 4x8, 160lbs
4 Way Hip Machine - 3 x 15 each direction, 10-30lbs
Standing Leg Curl 3013 - 3 x 6, 50lbs

Speedcoach lv1
Quads - 65/55
Hamstrings - 45/32
Glutes - 73/53

I had my first session with the third different PT that I’ve seen and I’m definitely sticking with this guy. He has credentials that AJP and CLIMBON recommended to me. Overall he says that I’m in great condition, but he seemed a little bit worried about about the physical therapy that I had been getting. He said that the past two PTs were giving me some very contraindicated therapy and that I wasn’t supposed to be pushing through any pinching pain since the labrum is still healing. Fortunately he believes that it’s not near enough to “undo” my surgery. He also estimates that I should be back in 7 weeks from now and wants me to return to the platform whenever I can do anything and everything without any pinching. I’m excited about what’s to come.

One positive note about EMS - My new PT says that he’s worked with over a dozen people who had a hip arthroscopy like me and he’s never seen any of them with the muscle symmetry like I had, even in the later stages in the rehab. I think it’s safe to say that EMS MaxS has played an important role in atrophy prevention. He was so shocked that he asked how I was able to do this.