EMS for hamstring pulls ?

Deff get the hammie checked for and all scar tissue removed before even thinking of 100% efforts. We don’t want a repeat.

No problem ! Will make a few phone calls today.
I have relay state championships next sunday(1 week), what do I need to do/attempt to do other than massage this week to know it’s fine to enter ?
As charlie said, I will do more intensity limit long distance work and more starts tomorrow… If all goes well and I am on 12-12.5 s per 100, can the wednesday workout be 90% 60’s, and maybe a good 100 rep ?

Again I appreciate all the help and support with this injury… I just love this place.

I just got back from the PT (could get PT for free) and he ran all the hamstring passive and dynamic functional tests on me and concluded the muscle is in great condition.

I got no pain at all in all of the resistance tests he ran.

If I am really looking for the pain, and take my injured leg backwards (standing-like they do in BB shows to show off the hamstring) and try to squeeze the hammy really really hard, I can feel a mild discomfort on a very tiny spot on the middle of the ham… Like the one you would somtimes get if the EMS stimulation is too strong and it’s just about to cramp.
I am talking about this position (back leg squeeze)

Is this normal ?
By the way there are no knots on it, and the light massage he did showed the muscle is very relaxed.

I will add that starts (20m) and 100m reps in 12.8 seconds tempo produced no pain at all, and felt very easy.
PNF stretching (iso hold-relax) and passive stretching gives no pain at all, and the ROM is perfect, better than before the injury on both legs. If anything, the uninjured leg is tighter.

The only reason why I don’t proceed to push the intensity is because i’m scared. Which is also a problem.
This is day day 15 from the injury, by the way.
Relays on sunday.