EMS during Indoor Competiton Period - Regeneration/Active Recovery

I plan to use my EMS (Compex Sport) to compliment the massage/contrast showers/ice baths and epsom salt baths I regulary use for Regeneration. I idea was that i’d use EMS in the active recovery setting on Tempo days. Would a combination of massage and using the EMS machine on active recovery or massage on the hams/quads and calves be ‘overkill’?

No - but spread the procedures out throughout the day as your body needs to recover from recovering (if that makes sense). Don’t queue them up one after another. In some cases, they can be complimentary (ie. Warm bath followed by light ems pulsing as the increase in body temp allows for better conduction of the stim). But you may want to intersperse active recovery activities (tempo) with therapies. Full massage, followed by light tempo run and a static stretch. Later in the day perform a hydrotherapy session followed by pulsing stim.

Thanks No2. At present I’m getting a massage on Speed days and using the EMS machine on Active Recovery on Tempo days after contrast shower.

If at all possible, can you switch so that your massage is on your tempo day? Charlie always prioritized massage for off-days - as was shown in one of the illustrations we prepared (Prioritizing Therapy Options).

Speed Day - Use EMS active recovery setting later in the day along with contrast showers.

Tempo Day - Massage

Not meaning to be pedantic but don’t you mean the day before a day off so the body has more time to recover from the stress of the massage?

What sort of MA is suggested for recovery?:confused:

No need to answer as found

Q. At what intensity should I run Active Recovery and Massage?
A. Active Recovery and Massage have benefits up to about 50 mA. Beyond this point, you are likely to cause additional muscle fatigue rather than assisting with recovery. Most individuals will not reach that high mA setting, but it is recommended that you reach intensities of at least 30 mA in order to get the benefits of the program. If sufficient intensities are not reached, your targeted muscle group will not receive a proper flush, and the program will not be as effective. Also, for the program to be most effective, the peak intensity should be reached as soon as possible.

from http://www.hammernutrition.com/downloads/Electrical-Muscle-Stimulation-EMS-FAQs.pdf

No - given that all the training elements are so tightly bunched, you should not do heavy massage following a high intensity session (on the same day) for the same reason you wouldn’t jump into a hot tub following a sprint session. You will wait until the next day (i.e. tempo day) when the type of work being done is compatible with the massage (helps loosen you up and increase circulation). Tissue stress following a high intensity workout should be given at least 24 hours before doing a deeper massage treatment.

As was mentioned on the Waldemar thread, why would you need to be beat up so much after a massage? If it is done right, there should not be significant residual soreness from the treatment. If you are currently getting a massage, and you need a day to recover from the massage because you are too sore – I highly suggest you switch massage therapists. If you have two days to work with (i.e. one off day, then one low-intensity day) then you will obviously perform the massage on the first day, then perform your tempo work on the next day. On the third day you can train at a high intensity again.

Understand what you are saying however I was referring to to the Prioritizing Therapy Options info you reference where all therapy sessions are on training days with the number 1 priority (i.e. if you can only get 1 massage session pw then do it here) being post tempo pre day off. As I said not wanting to be pedantic, I am genuinely confused :confused:

That’s if you only do the Massage 1 x week. Then you are correct (as far as i read the chart)

IF you’re doing massage or therapy on a Daily basis, as i believe JasonUK is leaning towards, then you’ll notice it’ll be like No.2 is mentioning.

Hope that makes sence?

Remember, under the “Therapy every day” scenario, not all massages are created equal. There would be varying levels of intensity and depth for those massages, with significant levels of communication between coach, athlete and therapist. The most intense therapy sessions would be on Tempo days, with more flushing massages on speed days.

Thanks guys and again I agree and understand. I have rechecked the slide and was wrong :eek: although recovery on an off day is priority 4 on a 3 HI day pw program and 6 and 7 on a 2 HI day pw one.