EMS(Compex 400) also for core work supporting on low int days???


i have the Compex Sport 400(as previewed at the main page) and i use the modus with 4sec on/22"of for strength with max contractions on high intensity days:
Speed+MaxWeights in the afternoon + ice bath etc. and then EMS in the evening.

My question is now about using EMS also on low int days as a part of core work. There are programs like hypertrophie(but also max contractions) and many other more “general” workouts.

The problem with core work i find is this:
As i m 20 and training my abs since some years there is often no more real pain in training them and i do it more in terms of balancing with the high demands on the back when sprinting…

Could EMS be another option for core training, mybe once a week instead or in combination with general med balls???
So i m “less nerved” in terms of these high volumes and low intensity, bc i could watch TV while “training”. :smiley:

If yes, what mode? A pulsing one like a massage or a mode with max contractions for hypertrophie?
In my opinion even max contraction wont be a prob, bc EMS is pasing the CNS…

for off u need to have 50sec at least off for max strength max work. u can use ems for abs on a constant pulse it can also be use for max strength also

the compex 400 doesnt support the 10"/50" protocoll.
Its 4"/22".

But my question is about EMS as a part of core work on tempo days.
And which mode i should use.
I mean, i think it could be more then 10reps(that was on the high int day). So maybe the hypertrophie protocoll with 50contractions.
I think pulsing is just good for massage.

The ones who have compex units will understand what i mean…

i think yes, if the purpose is to have use another mean to train them
I would use a more strength - endurance protocol.

Anyway, the ems would not be the main tool for abs training,i would prefer medball (wich will help also in flexibility and aerobic work,since a better ns equilibrium)

We use the hypertrophy and then capillarization settings on full time without warm-up using step 3-4. Wait about 5 minutes after the hypertophy phase then start capillarization. Its the quickest way to condition the abs prior to using med ball. In fact it enhances med ball work. This is done on tempo days but not strictly, if you want quick adaptation (don’t forget that abs are red fiber) then do it everyday but variate the steps between 2 to 4. It works very well. Do that for a week and you will see the med ball and other ab work out numbers go through the roof once you stop . You can maintain by doing it about once or twice a week after that.

Sounds interesting…
But i thought about doing it after med ball work, not before.

I know what you mean.But i was also asking myself about the character of the abs in terms of white fibers. In sprinting you need them and CF said once that you train them just by sprinting. Another thing is: When using EMS, i cant go over 25mA(normally areas with red fibers are higher).

I was just thinking about the real ratio between FT/ST at the abs…

thats quite clear…
But i was just thinking about a supporting training component, bc its hard to get to the point where the abs are really trained by just doing sit ups and so on…

I see your point. Sorry I don’t think I was clear enough. We do that kind of thing to increase fitness prior to commencing medball work… a week of just ems without medball. You could do it concurrently. Doing it immediately after a med ball session is fine. You have to adjust for tolerence. Try it and see what happens after one or two weeks. The added load will fatigue the abs alot, so adjust to accommodate.

I think you will find that its probably an advantage to have slow to intermediate fiber in the abs. So feel free to train them that way.

Can you explain more about your use of capilarisation setting? This is something I have throught about but not really used. BTW what levels have you managed to get to on the Compex using Explosive Strength? I have Mi-500 and have personally got to 400 out of 1000! Can anyone beat my record!?



[QUOTE=] I have Mi-500 and have personally got to 400 out of 1000! Can anyone beat my record!?


TC…on what body part did you do that on!? I’ve chickened out at 26 on max strength setting, :o with the little man on level 2!(standing on the stairs)

You can handle higher settings if you are really drunk :wink:

Max strength on the quads! Yeah it hurts but hell i wanted to see what it could do! Hamstrings are a lot more sensitive so I think I got to around 250.

I went to 999
I couldn’t walk for a couple of days

Wow! hahaha…pump it up! It is possible to re-injure or cause injury to a muscle if the contraction level is too high?

The problem isn’t the contraction per se, but the position during max contraction.
If you have your Hams in a lenghtening position you can injury them.

If you flexibility is poor max contraction can cause microtears.

If you use an ARP/Therastim device, you can move your muscle o stretch them.