elaine thompson


I cringed watching that interview. THe internet has been killing her ass.

carri was with elaine to 10. shelly was gone. Carri drove to about 25 and elaine was still driving, and accelerating away from her ass, thats when carri realized they was gone!

What did yall expect??? She hasn’t competed in over 6 weeks. These girls are race ready and gave her the business… I wanna see how she bounce back from today.


I expected her not to say stupid shit during the interview. I never thought she would win, I only had doubts about how tired the people were from olympics. After the mens 200 seeing lyles and kenny run fast showing they had recovered, I knew carri was finna get her head beat in. IN between the 2 fastest women living??? recipe for disaster.

I got video footage of carri training week before last. She was training, but a sprinter needs races…Nike hving that commercial of her…before the 100 I was like oh shit, pressure. lol

I’m not surprised by her post race comments - that’s why I never had her winning the games because I couldn’t trust her in the big moments. The yam rocks girls you know what you are getting day in day out. Carri is from oakcliff dallas - that should explain a lot of things… lol

Man, that was one complete race by E.
Her splits to 60m must have been off the charts. I wonder how the last 40m compare to windy Indy?

How did ShaCarri look in practice? I saw Elaine practicing & coming out of the blocks & I was like “UH OH”… She was MOVING!!


Check out this video with elains husband. THis was a day before the race. He said the olympics was just a long ass training session leading into super compensation. He knew she was finna run something super nasty

I think Pierre said she ran like 6.8 to 60 and also had the fastest top end ever!

My boy said she looked good. He was out there for the entire session. Said they were talking about how good the previous practices had been. Said she was rolling…But as you know practice is nothing like a meet.

Big Facts!! Practice ain’t a meet, especially when Nike puts out a commercial about you during the meet…
Now my question is will Pocket Rocket hang it up after Worlds. I mean, she still running 10.7…
And Justin still running 9.93 but he’s 39…
Sorry folks, just my thought process…

So she wasn’t all over the lane in the first 10 meters in practice? Always shows up race time no matter her time.

Is she overthinking something?

She was in between the two fastest women on earth…too much pressure

If or when she runs 10.5 she might keep going for 10.4