Eight Athlete Development Lessons from Charlie Francis


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RE: 4. Adapt to Your Individual Circumstances

split Runs (60M indoors)

CF-“Ben went straight outside and ran 10.02 first race in 1986 and 9.7ht during indoor training season in Jan 1987.”

I myself used what I heard from Coaches way back in 1987 about CF’s Training and Trained from Sep.- Jan. my senior year in HS. I nearly jumped 24’ in the LJ my very first year ever jumping more than once.
I did go over 24’ on one jump but fell back about 18" (hand).
I had a major strength imbalance/ legs but that didn’t stop me from improving. Luckily these corrective exercise ppl didn’t really exist yet lol
CF’s System and Hershel Walker’s Basic Training 12 weeks Book is all I needed back then.
From HW’s book I learned how to spread out the training and would get up early in the AM and run through sand, grass hills, hit the low intensity stuff.
Accel Dev after school m, w, f
and weights after homework and track and field video watching (VHS) after that.

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Lol yea I was surprised it wasnt up. what do you think the rest was on the 60 splits about 30-90 sec?
found hershels book on amazon for 200 new and 88 used. damn I wanna read it

Check the graphs in vancouver download.

Any updates on when this will become available?

Great article,

If you looking for info and graphs go to http://shop.charliefrancis.com/products/edmonton-series-seminar-2007

I have that already, I have been hoping for the re-release of the Vancouver series for years, as I have already purchased every e-book, video, and audio download sold here… except for the ‘Business of Coaching’ series, which I don’t need. Also, I sent you a Private Message.

re: rest
week 1- 2.5 min. rep/7 set 3x4x60m
weeks 2-4 3.5 min. rep/8 set 3x3x60m
week 5-2x4x60m 5m rep/10 set
Like ESTI wrote…see chart.

re: HW book

“At age 12, Herschel Walker was 5’3”, weighed 100 pounds, and was considered the runt of his family in rural Georgia. With grit, desire, and discipline his only equipment, Walker toughed out his own routine, based on variations of push-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups, and short sprints."

****After purchasing the book I had no more $$$ left over to buy any equipment so I was in the same boat lol
Back in those days at my High School…40 yard battles/challenges were the Norm week in and week out.

In addition, I started following CF as a 14 yr old b/c one TV announcer covering the 84 Olympics gave CF props (which I recorded) and I never heard anyone on TV talking about Coaches and Training before that moment.
The following years…I would here similar things being said about CF from the races I recorded in Europe.
As a fan of both CF and BJ my dad took me to see BJ race Carl in San Jose CA way back in 85? or 86?
BJ took off so fast I couldn’t believe it.
I put that race in the classic races section btw.

Again, a Great Article by VIP and HOF’er (Hall of Fame) forum member No. 2