Effects of max velocity

I coach jumps. My jumpers are encouraged to run the 60m. There is a clear correlation between max velocity to jumping. Here are some numbers to consider out of my own observations.

I have two male long jumpers who have jumped 60cm further (2 feet) both from 6.65 meter, to 7.23, and 7.25m in 1.5 years. During that time, one athlete’s 60m went from 7.35 to 7.11, the other 7.39 - 7.19.

I had a triple jumper who started in triple jump at 43’8 to 47’4 in 2 years, his 60 time went from 7.54 to 7.12 sec during that time.

I have a female freshman this yr who has long jumped 5.31m, from 5.27 last yr wind aided. This year she has jumped 5.20 to 5.31 around ten times. Last yr she only made over 5.20 once…Her 60m went from 8.29 to 8.13 so far.

I have a pole vaulter who doesn’t race. However his 50m training time has dropped 2-3 tenths hand timed mostly with a few faster than .3 better. His vault went from 14’7 to 16’1 (4.90meter) adding 4 strides.

I have a female triple jumper who went from aprox 11.00meters 36ft to 11.65 or 38’3 , her 200m dropped a sec, 400m went from 1:01.8 to 59.60. At training We mostly run accel and speed change runs of 15 to 20m segments (fast, hold, faster or easy fast and easy) and one long run a week between 200 to 300m.

These are some examples. These people will never be All-americans in running, but their jumps went up mostly because of higher velocity. We don’t hardly do a sprint in training above 60m in the winter. Mostly 10 to 50m range.

Speed is the key. Since approach velocity is a portion of max - Or a reserve. Higher max= higher approach speed/ which is usually 90 to 95 percent of max. So as max rises, so does event speed. Just some thoughts.

And this has been demonstrated in every world record jump performance:

Jonathan Edwards (Triple Jump World Record Holder) + 10.5m/s on approach velocity
Mike Powell (Long Jump World Record Holder) just under 11m/s on approach velocity
Sergei Bubka (previous Pole Vault World Record Holder) 9.94m/s in the last 5m
Javier Sotomayor (High Jump World Record Holder) 8.3m/s on the last stride of the approach

Same goes jumping motorbikes, set up 2 ramps x distance apart. Distance between the ramps requires a predetermined speed, gravity gravity treats all equal.