Edmonton World Champs Quarter Final vids.

just wondering if Thor or PJB or whomever else, would be able to post the Edmonton 100m quarter final vids. U know the ones which were all thrown out because of the questionable wind readings. Regardless they were still all some pretty sick performances, most notably Mo’s 9.88. Also Lewis Francis ran a good one matched by Dwain da Train next.

Mo’s 9.88 that day is one of the best 100m I’ve ever seen - people talk bout Powell’s 9.99 droppin knees at 50m, lookin over at Mo at 60m, picking it back up and then easin down, but Mo’s 9.88 was even better

Tim Montgo dropped an easy 9.92 shutting it off at 90m~ and kinda looked as if to say ‘Mo, what you got?’

Mo got out well and just moved away from Boldon & Bailey and dropped his knees at 75m and just eased thru from 85m, looked at clock and that was his reply - a 9.88 easing-up. I reckon he ran his 2 best races there at ED (9.88qf easing-up (9.76 full-effort) & 9.82 (-0.2 & injuries) in Final (9.73 w/o injuries) much like Ben did in Seoul '88 (easy semi & we all know bout the final)

I would also appreciate it if someone were to post these races

i will post some races from ED time after time in this topic.


here we are:


Its a cutted version of Montys Quarter, Mo’s quarter and the final.
It had to be cutted because of the many false starts. Some of you still remember these legandary 20mins :slight_smile:

Enjoy it

Thanks for videos pjb. Awesome stuff man

Brings home to me how good Mo really was [not that I needed reminding!!!]

Yes PJB…Good stuff bro! :smiley:

Awesome Videos! Thsnks a lot man! You don’t happen to have some footage on the 200m too? I would love to see Kenteris in Edmonton!

Nice PJB, very nice. Thanks for those brother. PJB, you are the equivalent to Thor, as Gatlin is the equivalent to Powell.

Wow, Mo’s quarter final was rediculous, Powell has never even been close to easing up that much to a 9.8x and when they announced -5.1 I nearly spit my drink out, if that were correct, Mo’d be goin out below 9.5 with good wind.

Those times are highly suspect (trials). Either the time or the wind gauge must be off. Monty 9.92 into a -2.x and mo 9.88 into -5m/s? Yea right! Wasn’t that the year where Donovan was on a comeback from his horrible injury and he said it was a miracle that he ran 10.1 or whatever he was clocked at?

His ACL tear? I think he ran 9.99 coming back and was quite surprised he was able to run so fast.

They had the wind meter set up backwards. The dumb fucks didn’t want to admit it- but threw out all the supposed results- so the wind was +5.1mps!!

Achillies, not ACL if we are talking about Donovan.

here is the 200m final. But the qualtity is more then bad :frowning:
Its nearly a shame…
Maybe you can find sth to enjoy :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah; you got to be an expert to even find out what race this is!

I alreday had this video, its from Kenteris site, isn’t it?

I would love to see one video of him in reasonable quality.

here is the long version of the final.
Its about 200MB / 15min (x false starts …)

Very interesting: you can imagine the stress on the sprinters in such situations.
Look at Mo’s eyes i.e.


great work, man!

Wow! Absolutely amazing that championship was when u look back at it in retrospect. That vid takes u right back live to that moment. Thanks for that deadly vid, PJB. Only thor rivals u.

Bernards performance seems more impressive now than it did at the time. Hoping we see a performance such as that champs in the upcoming trifecta.

I’ve tried to view the upload link…and its just not working for me. Is it something that I am missing? Do I need to purchase a membership? Is there a special code for me to use?