Edmonton 2005 (Masters WC)

Will there be any masters members of the board competing at the Masters Games in July in Edmonton?

Just curious…

I was contemplating it but I’m taking 3 weeks off in Aug., so it would have been hard for me to take an extra week to go to Edmonton. Should be quite the experience though … I know of several people who are going.

My long term goal is the 2007 WMA Championships in Italy. I’ll be pushing 41 and have had a few years of training under my belt. Hopefully I’ll stay healthy till then :D.

Here is one.

I guess the level of competition will be higher than in Melbourne 2002, what do you guys think?

Cool, wish you the best.

I guess so, too. I think there will be more and more paticipants and I wonder how long it will it take until they have to put in strict limits, because of too many participants.

Maybe you can tell us a litte about your experiences there - there’s a lot I’d like to know about the games like how the runnings are at the games etc - i’ll send you a Priv. Mess. then, if it’s ok.

I have read that there are too many high level Master competition close to the WMG’s date and that might lower the competition level in Edmonton, we’ll see.

Anyhow, out of 21.000 partecipants, there must be a couple of fast sprinters…

How did things work out? Looks like there was a strong headwind for almost all of the sprints.
The times seem not very fast…

The Results page:

Good organization, great volunteers.