ebook order

I ordered both ebooks over two days ago and still have not recieved them… what’s up?

can i pay for the ebook Training for Speed with a money order?

Pay Pal doesnt accept my mommy’s credit cards… :frowning:



Check your “supbrian” account, this is where I sent your order. Please send me an email to “info@charliefrancis.com” if its not there.

TJ2K and others
As for money orders, you may send money orders ONLY to

Charlie Francis
75 Kensington Avenue, Suite 302
Toronto, Ontario

*Be sure to send by registered mail CLEARLY marking the product you want to buy. Be sure to include exact payment or your money order will be returned.

Note: We do not accept checks of any type, money orders are the only accepted alternate method of payment. Be sure to include your first/lastname…email address and phone number where we can reach you when paying by money order.

Thank you,


this helps a lot