eaton 10.33 race
-he covers it in 42 strides
-he’s 6’1" compared to bolt at 6’6"
-only other athlete i could think of who also uses 42 strides is gatlin at a very similar height 6’0" and lemaitre at 6’3"
-gatlin seemed to use hurdle shuffling/jumping bounding over hurdles, early in his career…meanwhile I’ve seen lemaitre using hurdle hurdling techniques over full hurdles in practice
-we know eaton does hurdling training since he does the 110m

At first i figured eaton had obviously achieved his long striding ability through some kind of hurdling transference where it allows him to acquire a feeling to boundfrom a shuffle gait…but then i realized he also has 4:14 1500m overdistance ability over anyone else out their(I believe) in cluding the 100/200 specialists…as well he has 45.5x 400m ability

Eaton 4:14 1500m

Regarding his 400m races i’d imagine he is 2nd in terms of stride lengths over the course of the one lap, if not the longest striding…take kirani james(#1 stride length over one lap) whom could get to the 200m mark in 79 strides and the full 400m in 159 strides…then take into account bolt and his stride length over a 200m, (which is on a force velocity curve similar to his stride lengths over 100m) where he has run it in 79.5 strides(lausanne 2006-4th or 5th place 19.88)…since eaton could cover 100m taking only 1 stride more than bolt…he could most likely cover 200m in 79 strides and 400m in 159 strides, matching james stride length, also taking into account his apparent 1500m overdistance advantage over usain bolt and kirani as leverage for my reasoning

Now with the 1500m based on the video(shotty dodgy camera movement during 1100-1200m segment) I’ve approximated 727 total strides taken:
0-300m (0:50.2 ) 142 strides (68 sec lap pace)
300m-700m (2:00.3 ) 196 strides (70.1 sec lap)
700m-1100m (3:12.3 ) 200 strides (72.0 sec lap)
1100m-1500m (4:14.4 ) 189 strides (62.1 sec lap)

In the shanghai 44.02 world lead kirani covered the full distance in 156.5 strides

In the prefontaine classic 400m, kiranis’ almost did a negative split…he got to 200m in 22 seconds(80 strides) approximately and closed in 22.39…he covered the full 400m in 160 strides…

Dudes gonna prob go sub 43.5 seconds at world champs

I’m curious as to why you track stride counts for 400m.

It seems to be a good way to read the race and break it down

After analyzing shanghai some more…it looks like kirani went through 200m in 21.5x and 78 strides…which basically means his finishing kick of 22.3X-22.5X is ingrained and in place for a while now

Eatons has knee tendonitis symptoms/development from a high jump session around mid may…regarding their weekly microcycle i wonder if they’d toss in some knee strengthening bodyweight/weight reps somewhere, or just strap it up during training with the black ‘below the knee’ sprint straps…i recall seeing mo greene wearing one in edmonton 2001 and powell too, wore one in 2007 during training photos…i think the jamaican sherone simpson actually wore them on both knees during training/competition, has she recovered fully from her knees condition?

Did some analysing of eaton and his 46.0x from 400m in moscow…he took 162.5 strides approximately…when you think about it he could be the first decathlete capable of hitting sub 10/20/45