Eating right - building muscle, losing fat

Hopefully someone out there can give me some help. I’m interested in putting together a diet plan for increasing muscle and losing fat simultaneously.

My current condition is, well… pretty poor. I am 6ft. and weigh a not so lean 190 pounds. I’m currently working out 3-4 times a week. And I rollerblade and do mountain biking a couple times a week too…

I’ve done some reading and basically have come to the conclusion that I should be eating aprox 3500-4000 cals/day. My problem is I’m not 100% on what I should be eating to maximize muscle growth while ensuring fat loss…

Also, what supplements should I be taking? Whey protein looks like a “must” to ensure 1-2 grams of protein per pound… I’ve read up on some other supplements but get blown away by the volume of different diet strategies. I’m not really in that great shape so I’m geussing that my diet wont need to be that strict. Do I really need flax oil, creatine, or any other supplement right now?

Also, I am considering using a “mass gainer” to get to the desired level of calories… but I’m concerned that the calories in those are empty calories… am I better off getting the cals from real food?

Thanks in advance for any help!

Being lazy…let me ask you to do some work.

List a three day recall on what you do for food.

List every meal and every bite on this thread for three days so we can learn what variables to change

To tell you the truth, I’ve been eating pretty bad.

3 eggs and 2 pieces of brown toast
Chicken noodle soup

Mid morning snack:
Haven’t been eating one

Tim hortons sandwich (ham and swiss usually)

Afternoon snack:
Haven’t been eating one

Tim Hortons sandwich again…

I know I’ve been eating badly… thats why I need some help. I need a plan with 6 “meals” a day…

eat vegetables!

I know I should be eating vegetables… but what types? how much?

What I’m really looking for is complete daily food schedule… with options for different meals. Like 9:00A.M. Breakfast (with 3 options)
10:30AM Snack (2 options)

you got to feed the system alot more than what you are doing at every 3hours.protein source ie-meat,chicken,fish(use palm of hand for guidence) and use colour for veggies.the more colour the more nutricion.

you are eating 3meals per day and expecting to gain and lose at the same time.won’t happen like are starving the muscle and increasing bf% because the body will store bf% when its not fed consisantly

Slamjamproduction, 1 to 2 grams of protein per pound? Is that the ideal amount these days? I’ve often read that 0.8g to 0.9 g is supposedly efficient for athletes, and that if much more is consumed it could make the protein store as fat, plus be a little damaging to the liver. Still, many bodybuilders are consumming 1.5 grams per pound of bodyweight, they know what they’re doing when it comes to nutrition though many of them don’t care if they become “over saturated”, atleast for most of the year anyway.
Anyone care to chip in on ideal protein amounts?

tim hortons twice a day! start making your own meals.

for those not getting enough veggies try some V-8, works great for me.
get a mix of veggies. as for the amount of veggies…hard to eat too many…you’ll know when you reach that point!
eat 5-6 meals a day.
protein with each meal.
plenty of water.

dont drink V8…

buy a juicer and make your own!
more nutrition (V8 is pasterized) better taste and customized flavors. dont get much better than that!

I’m pretty sure CT used a fibre supplement during the low-carb phases of his diet.

The most effective examples of physique change I ahve come across involve strict controls of the macronutrients, relying heavily on supplements.

Examples Christain Thibaudeau

and the way Nightmare4d has done the nightmare diet

The one thing I don’t understand about these diets is; how come there are no horrible side effects from having no fibre?

Also how dangerous are these in the short term. If these sorts of diets were used long term you would vastly increase your chances of numerous types of cancer and other terrible conditions (lack of fibre, phytochemicals, antioxidants? and other unidentified compounds present in fruit and veg which may be essential), but can you get away with it in the short term - weeks or months, without increasing ill effects to health?

I see, I wasn’t aware fibre supplements existed! Anyone know of any examples, they might be useful to me?

Metamucil is a brand that’s available in drug stores, or you can go to a health food store and buy psyllium husks.

From 1 gram of protein per kg to 1g/1lb body weight should be sufficient!

i.e. 70kg = 154lbs, so anywhere from 70-154 grams of protien is sufficient. A supplement of 30-60g, along with foodstuff, will easily let you do this.

Reminds me of Cathy Freeman importing 54 kilos of protein into Australia! What was she reading?

much more is consumed it could make the protein store as fat,

I believe this is false. you do not store protein. it is simply exceted if not used.
can anyone confirm this?

Excess protien is converted to FAT and stored in the adipose tissue. Not good.

i dont think that is true.
ill have to look into it but i do not think protein is store as fat

maybee you are right. now i do not know.

Is too much protein is stored as fat?

A: It depends on the total caloric intake. Any calories above maintenance (excluding the addition needed to add LBM) are stored as fat.

Well, that’s the thing. The body will only utilize as much protien as it needs for it’s various processes, and the rest of it is just extra calories hence stored as fat


psyllium husks - can you get these in the UK?

What are they?? Are they expensive?