Eating foods specific to your blood type

Does anyone eat foods according to blood type? E.g The O blood group should not eat dairy and wheat products. Should eat high amounts of animal protein.

Here is a book I recently read on the subject, very intresting:

It makes perfect sense, and I feel better whilst sticking to the guidelines. However is it advisable to do so? No wheat products. - Brown rice instead. No milk etc.

Anyone informed on this topic? Cheers, look forward to some good discussion!

I don’t know, bro, I eat whatever I want, whenever I want, however I want, and if it don’t taste good, I add tabasco sauce until it does or until my mouth gets so hot, it don’t matter no-how.

Really, I think that if you get a balanced diet and eat in moderation, take a mulit-vitamin, you’ll be fine, at least for most people. I would just be concerned that if I went on a blood-type diet and eliminated segments of certain foods, then I wouldn’t be balanced. But, I don’t really know because I’ve never tested the diet. If you do this plan, please let us know how it goes…

There is some truth to it. Everyone’s different so don’t expect everyone to repond the same to way all foods.

The best thing to do is see how your body reacts to certain foods.

The majority of the population could do with reducing the amount of grains and dairy (and sugars) they eat. Or at least get better quality from those foods.

Hot sauce makes everything taste better!

check this out

Ah thanks for the link duxx.

I agree with the article, it seems strange that certain foods are on the ‘avoid’ list for o types. E.g cottage cheese. But I will roughly adhere to the guidlines for type O’s. -Most of my protein coming from animals, no grains or wheat and no dairy except for cottage cheese. Alot of vegetables and fruits, a medium amount of brown rice, quinoa amaranth etc. Around a cup of nuts and dried fruits each day. I feel better since following the blood type diet [which I have been unconsiously doing for a few weeks]. I also eat 1 egg per day. The blood type diet says to avoid cottage cheese and avocados. Should I avoid those foods?

Cheers for the intresting article.

This is a good question and would be a good topic to research. I have my ideas and IMO it really doesn’t matter for most folks but rather, has to do with lifestyle and our overall food intake. Other nations are not as inactive as we (USA) are and probably do not eat as much junk food. However, with technology and the spread of our culture, that is changing. They are catching up with us.

We have seen a drastic shift in the recent past years. Just a few generations back people were much smaller in height and weight. Looking at pictures of my grandparents they were very slim around the waist and had very strong forearms. My great grandfather looked like popeye from the shoulder to his wrist. He could probably kill a man very easy with his bare hands. He was very strong, yet he only had a 31 inch waist. He was breaking horses in his mid 80’s and ate 3 solid meals a day (breakfast being the largest meal). He never snacked. Older relatives who talk about him don’t think they saw him eat any junk food in his life. He raised most of his food and only supplemented a few grocery items from the store. He also went to bed when the sun went down and got up when the sun rose and would walk most everywhere he went. Compare that to a family who is stressed out, has the TV blasting away all waken hours, eats fast food every day and sits in front of a computer at work and 5 hours after work. No wonder junior weighs a half a ton.

Pop a couple of these Hardee big boy burgers and you might as well call 911.


Would it be ok if lean meats where my only source of protein? [nuts count as fats].
No eggs or cottage cheese. Or should I include eggs and cottage cheese?

Sounds suspiciously like the japanese blood-type relationship horoscopes to me. :slight_smile:

In regards to your food choices, i don’t see why eggs and cottage cheese should be removed without a reason. Do they cause you digestive problems? Do you feel better without eating them? If you still aren’t sure, experiment. If you really feel better without them, then go for it. There are a lot more genes than those for blood type.

Regardless of what you do, pick a good diet (Berardi’s are a good start), follow it, moniter your results and modify it to fit YOU.


The diet is going really well for me. I tried eating cottage cheese and I didn’t feel bad afterward, but I felt better just eating meat instead.

With regard to eggs, I just cut down my consumption. I eat an egg every now and then, probably 1 every second day and that has worked well for me.

I have found that with vegetables, spinach, carrots and brocolli are the ones I respond best too. I don’t seem to feel any different between the fruits. I just don’t eat to many bananas, usually 1 a day or 2 max. That has left me feeling good. With meats kangaroo, white fish, steak and chicken breast seem to work well and make up most of my protein intake. Walnuts and almonds have been the best nuts and I find roughly a 1/2 - 1 cup a day has been good. With dried fruits I have found figs and prunes to be the best. I take about the same amount as I do nuts. For grains I stick to brown rice and quinoa. Quinoa was a good find. Olive oil has been good I have roughly 2 tablespoons a day.

Basically those are the foods I feel best eating so thats what I eat! I do notice a difference when having blueberries compared to other fruits, but they are about $9 a punnet here in Oz so they are out of the question unfortunately.

The best thing has been elimnating wheat [bread’s and pasta’s mainly] and dairy [milk] and cereal’s like oats. I’m not saying this is what everyone should try. quarkthedark was right - find which foods you respond well and badly too and stick to the ones that make you feel good and elminate the ones that make you feel bad!

p.s is it ok to have meat as my only real source of protein?

Where else would you get your protein?

Powder is a good idea for training. If you aren’t taking it, you need to be eating an awful lot of meat to be even close to meeting the same protein #'s. Powder is the cheapest source of protein by far.

As far as blueberries, look for frozen and dried. Not as good as fresh, but get the job done.

Yeah once my physical condition improves [tendonitis] and I start to train heavier, I will probably have to look into suplementing my diet with protein from the sounds of things. I won’t need to supplement with anything else will I? I mean I take omega 3’s [fish oil], magnesium and beta pro [has lots of herbs, glucosamine sulphate] as well as vitamin c. So will i need to supplement with anything else other then protein?

I feel good on my current diet and I don’t feel the need to change anything. The only thing I feel will be neccessary is to supplement with protein once my training increases.

The science behind the blood type diet is dubious.

This is a good site : and also

Interesting. I eat more brown rice than you can shake a stick at… and I haven’t had dairy in years.