Has anyone tried the fat loss eating plan recommended in Eat-Stop-Eat by Brad Pilon?

It’s primarily for fat-loss (or getting leaner, same difference) but has some pretty compelling arguments for what is called “flexible intermittent-fasting.” I just ordered the e-book from Brad’s site:

The basic jist is to fast for 24 hour periods once or twice per week (depending on how much fat you need to lose); this is sure to bring a lot of cognitive dissonance to many of the readers of this site (as it did for myself) but it sure is interesting and quite simple in theory at least.

I’m in my master’s sprint season right now and am not sure I want to try it out yet but am interested if anyone else has any experience with the system. Thanks.

and in the normal dasys you can eat normally or more than the balance?
usually this approach can work because you learn to eat less and your body can learn to burn relatively better the kcal from fat rather than muscle. but I think is better to learn to have good diet regimen.

ayudar? are you saying you recommend this approach or you are against it? sorry, was a bit confused by your response.

i didn’t recommend it. Sorry my english isn’t so good.
i think this approach can teach to eat less (if you can’t eat one day, you learn to control your appetite) and teach the body to burn fat; but, an active people yet have this quality ( I hope) and a person who do an demanding activity one day of fasting can reduce energy, inhibit recovery.

in a sedentary people this diet can help,and in for the health it can be very usefulll, some research tell us that an Intermittent fasting can mimate the Calorie restriction. But in an active population this diet can be detrimental.

i hope I explain in a clear form

ok cool thank you. i understand now.

If you want to get into intermittent fasting, start with shorter ones, say 16 hours, 2-3 times week. Also, check out these:,

It can be very beneficial, but make sure that everything else is in check before you start doing this, ie. enough sleep, stress, quality of food…

Probably works for sex too! :wink: