East German Textbook of Athletics

I was reviewing the CF. Forum Review via Ebook this morning and I read a quote that stated “The curve of the stride frequency in the 100 m. The best guys are striding about .25 per/sec”

What’s .25 per/sec… compared to 4.95 strides per/sec?

What’s the conversion?


Kenny Mac~~

I actually have that book. My friend gave it to me. It was a part of the Human Kinetics course at U of Toronto. It is an interesting book but sort of outdated technically.

If the book is outdated- what’s better??

Climbing ropes is “gym class twenty years ago” but then a certain world record holder does it.

I didn’t mean my previous statement to be crass or short. It was. There were certain passages that might be a little contradictory, that’s all.

ie. p124 " One should bear in mind that there is also a difference between beginners and top performers in so far as beginners attain max. speed after 10m to 15m , whereas top performers reach it after some 25."

I tend to disagree with that particular statement for both beginners and top sprinters, an underestimation for both.

but then on the next page p125:

“The distance to the stage of max. speed also varies greatly. While this amounts to only somne 20m for beginners, top 100m sprinters reach it at 45m and more”.

I agree with the second statement even though sprinters like Carl go past even the 60m mark as well as Ben later on in his career.

Sorry about that. Otherwise having reviewed the book last night it is obviously an excellent book and I’m fortunate to have the book for reference. Cheers

Remember this book is a translation and a collection of works by various people, in no particular order, but there’s a wealth of info in there.

I apologize for making a statement like that. I was just reminded that it was translated and put together… I have read most of your books and forgot that you have taken some of the East German training methods and built upon them.

Don’t worry about it. Sometimes sources are a pain in the butt to navigate around.