East coast inv.

This weekend I was at the Russell E. Blunt/East coast invitational. There was a HS boy who ran a 10.05w and a legal 10.07. It was an amazing performance for a 18 yo.

Yeah, that’s J Mee Samuels. I forgot where he’s going to college, but I think he won the Nike Outdoor Nationals too. The kid is lightning fast.

He’s going to Arkansas, where Tyson Gay and Wallace Spearmon both hail from. He broke the old highschool record by .05 (it was 10.13) and his 10.05 was with +2.1 wind. The kid is ridiculously strong; he hang cleans 275, squats 475, and benches 345. Not too bad for a highschooler ;). He says he doesn’t do any plyos and no weight during the summer season, but does lift during the school year (obviously).


That site has some of the age group world records, a few of which are held by this guy. 6.91 at 14 and 6.74 at 15, the guy is ridiculous. I didn’t realize the young Xavier Carter also held a few of these.

Where did you find this info? Do you know how much he wieghs?

A 10.65 for a 14 year old :eek: this kid is a freak

He posts on another forum (trackshark.com) and mentioned these when I asked him about it. He said he weighs 167 and I have heard he is 5’7" (maybe shorter) and everybody says that he is a short guy.

I don’t see it on that site but I do seem to remember that he set national age 14 records of 10.42 and 20.99-as reported on Dyestat three years ago. For those who have not seen him in person, I’ve been watching him since he was a freshman and he is one built kid(man). He sure does not look like a guy(with his build and height-or lack of) who would be almost as good in the 200 as he is in the 100 but he really is. He ran the #5 US all time 200 this year as well as the 100 high school record.
Anybody remember the 200 time? I know it was in the 20.30’s and at altitude in New Mexico. I often see the stats 5’7"-167 lbs. listed for him. I believe his dad ran a 9.7 100y (and was said to be a excellent ljer in 10th grade and he later competed at either Kansas or Kansas state).

i’d believe that is his height and weight. Def.
Hes as big as me up top and his legs are def bigger and Im 155. I been watching the kid since soph yr of high school when he ran liek a 6.30-40 in the 55. Sick.



That pic of him looks really old. I saw him this weekend and he looks like a grown man. That pic of him is no where near what he looked like this past weekend. His upper is probablly not as developed as you. His chest was not that big. His arms are ok. Where he stands out from the other boys is his shoulder/back and posterior chain development. His quads are not that big even though they are muscular. His hams and calves on the other hand are well developed.His glutes are the biggest difference between him and the rest of the boys.

On a side note-He told some people at the meet he was going to break 10.0. He got damn near close.It was a freak show. The start looked like the cover of speed trap.

yea i ran against dude on occasions he lives in my state we both seniors so he been smoking since we were freshmans he amazing!!!