EARTH at night

from tv the other night? on electricity, pollution, global warming, etc?

there seem to be quite a few shows on discovery lately about this. Funny, since An Inconvenient Truth premiered in Texas recently.

No, it’s Photo Of The Day from NASA. The website posts images from space every day. The “archives” is a wonder. Today’s shot is of the little robotic machine leaving tracks on the surface of Mars. It’s super hi rez, taken from a rocket going past Mars at the moment. So I don’t think this image of Earth at night it was posted with a view to making an environmental statement.

But you can’t help but be transported to thinking about the big picture. If everyone looked at these images of the universe, they might think how absurd they are fighting over a patch of dirt or a difference of religious opinion down on Earth.

Hopefully this link will work - to the pix archive!

Thanks a lot Kitkat. Great pics.

Ya these pics are awesome. I see a bunch of desktops/avatars in the making.

reflection nebulas in Orion

If you look really closely at Ireland in the first image … you can see the reflection and glare from the lights on the statue the erected of me.

not alot going on in new zealand is there :smiley:



Those two “heads” at the top middle and top left look like the Knights who say Ni.