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Hy everbody,
i´m starting this New Thread to discuss about things that we read in Charlie´s e-books.
I´m reading Speed Trap by now and there´s a lot of interesting things that we could discuss here.
Well, let´s keep it out from Prohibited Issues, Site Rules, ok.

Charlie, would be very great to see you as a part of this, your comments, your explanations, your knowledge, your stories.

I have one question about one of the stories from Speed Trap.
One from the No News is Good News part.

So, who was John Dillinger ? :slight_smile:

I am starting a site as a tribute to speed trap…5 copies from various libraries were stolen in MA…it’s like fight club!

The only copy at my library was stolen also. Possibly by one of the other members here. :stuck_out_tongue:

I took a copy of it from the University Library here in Kelowna 6 or 7 years ago and never returned it and ended up paying $50.00 for it, let one of my athletes borrow it, and they moved away. I haven’t seen that copy since. I do have a hard copy of it though that was a gift from some really cool people who were at the Charlie Francis Seminar 1 in Vancouver.

Speed Trap changed my life. I didn’t know I was doing everything wrong in my training until I read that book on my way to Trinidad and Tobago back in '97. Thanks Charlie! As well I am ever indebted to Charlie for the information covered at the first Vancouver Seminar (I didn’t have time to attend the second :frowning: )

Anyone who has had the opportunity to speak with Charlie would agree. His wealth of knowledge is like no one else. It is impossible to get all of your questions in. I would like to see the type of sprinter he could produce today with full time training.

I offer myself for experimentation!!! Charlie, just say the word and I’m on a plane to wherever you are!!!

Ok but the 100´s place is already placed :cool:

That’s ok, hook me up for the 200 and I’ll still fly past you :wink:

I bought a copy of Speed Trap on ebay a few months ago from a Canadian seller.
And just 2 weeks ago I got a copy of the CFTS from Austrailia.

Both are in near perfect condition and are my prize treasures.

I only wish I could get them signed!

My speed trap book is signed…“all the best, Charlie Francis” …what no “Clemson, thanks for everything.”?

I have a signed copy of CFTS and it says “Best wishes 2003”.

I need Charlie to sign mine also. So far, some Ben Johnson guy is the only one to sign it. :wink:

I picked up my copy of speed trap at a library book sale for a ~ $.025.

Hardcover. In good shape. It was really an eye opener.

Who was John Dillinger? He was America’s most famous Depression era Bank robber, prison escape artist, and shoot-out specialist, who died in a hail of bullets comming out of a movie theatre after being turned in by a girlfriend- forever known as “the woman in red”.

I wish I could buy all of this material but I guess it’ll be very hard to find them anywhere near by! Plus, I don’t have the money for all this!