Dynamittoms TrainingJournal


-Plyometrics and Quickfoot ladder drills:about 15mins

Backward sled dragging:430meter+30Kilo
Fordward sled dragging:4

that was a pretty good one today:)


35mins swimming

10lanes warum up

6*1lane slow-1lane fast

3lanes cool down

6*?meters diving then 20mins jacuzzi tub

that was great,I will do this repeatedly I think

Great Training today:

PowerSnatch:4*3reps light weight learn technique

50Kilo 5
55Kilo *4 new PR jeahhhhh

Snatch Grip Deadlift:504/52,54/554/->604 new PR jeahhh the second today:)

Glute Ham Raise:*7/*7/*7/*10 was pretty good also

Adductor work:3sets 15reps

the exercise that kitkat1 explained in one thread 3+15sec(hamstrings)


The Weight details are all wrong because I have forgotten to count the weight of my barbell,
so you have to count 10Kilos to all my Weight details…

Training Today:

Pullups(were bad today because i ate so much shit today)
9reps(should be 10)
+10Kilo8reps(should be 10:rolleyes: )
4reps(should be 6 or more:rolleyes: )

Close Grip Bench Press(was pretty fine)

Bent-over-Row superset with Dips:
50Kilo10 - 20Dips
10 - 20Dips
50Kilo*10 - 12Dips


some Curls:) :2sets

Scap Pushup:3*15

Today(active time-19:08)

30mins of jogging:
The first 15-18mins were slow but the last 15-12mins I got faster and faster:)

10-15mins of abs

I was damn aggressive today so I let it all out in the race…

36 endurance run(non-stop):

7mins normal jogging-(I’m not sure but it must be something around 10)10*30sec fast running than 2mins slow jogging-7mins normal jogging

altogether>36mins of running

afterwards I did some injury prevention(for adductors,gluts)

Yesterday I did my Upperbody workout and afterwards I felt a strange shoulder pain and today my shoulder hurts so much so I will let it be(Weight Training) till the pain stops

I can only do endurance runs now because its fuc*ing cold outside and I don’t want to hurt myself ones more:(
School is bad at the moment …LIFE SUCKS RIGHT NOW

I got ill, and I think it’s the best to pause with training for a few days


Shoulder Pain is getting better…The next session will be on thursday I hope

I read lots of articles about shoulder injurys and stuff like that and also have a new schedule…l
I will write it down soon

It’s very cold outside so I will do some rope skipping session inside:

Yesterday:30minutes of skipping-> interval
doubles,fast,slow etc
afterwards:Hipflexor, Adductor and Ab training

I do a lot of Rotator Cuff Exercises and stretching right now and it’s getting better:)
I am very sanguine…

Today:30mins rope and Hipflexor, Adductor und ab Training

I am looking forward to my next weight session:)

Hi guys… my first weight session since three weeks I think…It was disillusioning:(
I try to approach the next session also slow…

Pullups:4*5->damn easy, no shoulder pain

Dips:4*5->extrem easy but I felt a little dragging in my shoulder

One arm Dumbbell row standing free:10Kilo12121212-> extrem easy and no shoulder pain

Pushups:4*5:D ->extrem easy no shoulder pain

after that: Rotator Cuff,Serratus,Trapez and Rear Delt work…

Damn that sucks I wanna lift heavy weights again but I think it will take some time…

Training today:


was pretty good for 4weeks of pausing:)

after that some shoulder stability and rotator cuff work…




One arm Dumbbell row standing free:10Kilo12121212->easy


Bent-over-Rows wide grip to hit the rear delts:2*15

Turkish Getup:3*2reps

…some shoulder,rotator cuff training…

I try to boost the weight, sets, reps very slowly.
Also build up shoulder stabilisation und strengthen my rotator cuff, and make them more stretchy.

Hey Guys…

My first run since weeks, I am coming back;)

Morning: jogged:23mintues



Dips:4*10—> was good no shoulder pain:)

Bent-over-Row Snatch Grips(to hit the rear Delts):20Kilo1515/ 30Kilo810

Pushups on push up bars(better feeling in my shoulder)4*10

BarbellCurls:1*30reps-pullupgrip-12,5Kilo–very light but great feeling;)

TGU:3*2reps 10KiloDumbbell

Rotator Cuff work…

was good my shoulder was ok…It’s getting better and better…



Deadlift speed , light weight to protect the shoulder:50Kilo-10single reps

Glute Ham Raise:891011

shoulder stability and rotator cuff,biceps work…
TGU:3*2reps 10Kilo…rotator und shoulder work…

Because the biceps is my weak point, I will train him 3-4 times a week with high reps…

I will do high rep frontsquats for the time being till December I think, then I will switch slowly to low rep work again…


I jogged the same distance as last time, but 1 minute faster afterwards I did some shoulder work…tomorrow it’s upperbody workout time:)

Ok weight session today:

Pullups:10766->to first ten reps felt pretty easy, the others too…wasn’t too stressful but also not to light:)

Dips:15101010->yeah was not to heavy and not to light…was ok shoulder was ok

Barbell Bent over row wide grip(to hit the rear delts) 20Kilo15 / 30Kilo8910

Pushups on pushup bars to get more rom:4*10-> I got so tired during them but not because it was too hard…had other reason…shoulder was ok

BarbellCurls Reverse Grip:20Kilo2023reps

Turkish Get Up:12,5Kilo*6single reps each arm for sure:)

some shoulder, rotator cuff work…

I was so tired before, during, and now.Our school sport was pretty hard today. We had an conditioning test, I almost went for the school record:) Next time, the record will be mine:)


40Kilo*20reps YEAH I DIDN’T EXPECT THIS :cool:

Glute Ham Raise:10111215 pretty fine

2sets Hip Flexor training
2sets Adductors

2*15sec Hamstingsdrill static each leg

3*20 light light elastic band pushdowns

2015*15 light light Band Curls neutral grip to chest to activate the brachialis

felt pretty good…enormous leg Pump:)

Today: Upperbody


Dips:15151010-> shoulder was ok

Barbell Bent over Row wide grip(to hit the rear delts)20Kilo20
81012 pretty good

Pushup superset with barbell Shrugs(light)

20Pushup - Shrugs:30Kilo15 very slow reps
20Pushup - Shrugs:30Kilo15 very slow reps

Dumbbell Curls:12Kilo1012 great feeling

Turkish get up:12,5Kilo1113 each arm

further with shoulder work und rotator cuff work…

The weather is so bad. Snow, Rain … I can’t run right now…that sucks…I hope tomorrow it’s better…

Leg Day:

High Rep Frontsquats:


damn that was fu*king crazy:D

Sumo Deadlift:

worked up to 65 Kilo with single reps and this was not the maximun:cool:

Glute Ham Raise:2*15

Hipflexor und Adductor training:2sets of each

Serratus anterior crunch:3*15

rotator cuff work