Dynamic stretching

It seems that this type of stretch is taking over as far as pre- practice and pre- competition. As a coach, I really like the idea of not having to fight kids screwing around during that traditional partner stretch time. What are your thoughts as far as doing only dynamic stretching before a workout, and only doing static after?

Hi Coachf,

I find that if the athlete has a good ROM and stretches well (mornings/after workout) a dynamic warm up can work well for them.

Although this will entirely depend on the athlete in question, flexibility tests etc would probably be a good idea to help out/montior an athletes flexibility and give indication of what dynamic warm up to prescribe.

Some slight stretches in specific areas might still be needed to ensure the risk of injury is kept to a minimal level.

One the other hand, getting youngsters to stretch at times when theyre not training is a huge task in itself, maybe a good idea to overlook the dynamic warm ups for now. :slight_smile:

Hope this helps!


Depends on what sport! I have personally found static warmups good for track but not necessary for weight lifting except when your doing squats. For me I don’t have great flexiblity in the squat; therefore, I stretch in the full squat position using my elbows to push out my legs. In my experience you don’t need to stretch statically for weightlifting unless you are extremely inflexible. A good warmup of 10 min of a bike or treadmill will suffice and then you warmup like you normally would on each exercise. I believe static stretching is more suited to the higher velocity sports like track and field, baseball (do to the thousands of degrees per second in the shoulder joint when throwing a baseball). It is good in any case to do static stretching in any sport after your workout session (i.e. weightlifting). I believe most track programs including CF’s involve static stretching as well. However, lets seperate static stretching from microstretching (a form of static stretching). Microstretching should be done after any sport or weightlifting session. Microstretching is stretching for over a minute done a couple of times (i.e. 3) for each muscle group. Most regular static stretches only last between 12-15 seconds be one does not want to “Deaden the legs” before their track/workout session.

For dynamic stretches, I’ve found they have helped my squat (again bc of the flexibility issue) but I don’t think they are necessary either for weightlifting; although, I would take dynamic over static for lifting weights. As for track, I believe CF includes dynamic drills on his GPP DVD; also, the Nebraska Cornhuskers do dynamic stretching as well.

Agreed, you took the words right out of my mouth. I like some light static stretching and dynamic stretching before track workouts, but I only need a little dynamic stretching before weightlifting. One year I tried eliminating all static stretching before competition, but I don’t know if it made a difference or not, I ran some slow times that year, but my training was crap too. I 've ran into some die-hard ‘dynamic stretching fanatics’ on other forums, no point trying to tell them I do some static stretching in the warm up . The warm up routine on the GPP Dvd has worked well for me.