Dynamic flexibility

I’ve been doing some more research and came across statements referring to how although one can develop static flexibility really well, it does not mean that the relevant dynamic flexibility is developed rather well.

What are some good stretches/drills to develop dynamic flexibilty? I especially need calf/soleus drills but if possible without impact, because I have shin pain.

This post was made 4 years ago lol.

but ill post anyways.

you can improve dynamic flexibility by simply dynamic stretches.

Try a variety. So perhaps on a day other than your speed session, you can go through a dynamic warm up putting so much focus into this. Do a nice short static stretch, stretch your quads and all of your upper body. tretch a little static through the glutes, but only quads and glutes.

Make sure you are fully warmed up, 3/4 to full mile ran.

Now start with a quadricep dynamic stretch, you can do this by leaning forward and doing butt kicks.

Now very best dynamic stretch would probably be leg swings. Two stances to do this, and do them both. Put your hand on the wall, and swing your leg first slow and then very hard and feel the stretch through the hamstrings and hip flexors. Once done on both legs, switch to other stance while facing the wall. Now swing your leg and stretch your adductors, abductors and glutes. Now you can do a short jog and then repeat this again but shorter.
These are stretches to do at home on a daily basis AFTER your static stretch.

Now ankle rolls are a must before any calf stretching. So get that out of the way, then find a stable board or put your hands on the ground and put your legs far back. Staying on your toes, fire your legs and ankles on the ground one after another.

Also do shoulder swings, elbow/wrist rolls, hip rotations and so on.

When focusing on dynamic stretching, jog in between and warm up again then stretch out again. After a long warm up, go through your session, and then repeat light dynamic stretching, then full static.

good luck.