Dwight Phillips 6.47s ??

Thor ?!


Haven’t got it, sorry.

incredible speed. this dude got to be really on his way to 9m! u never now. amazing performance for a long jumper…

He gotta lot to live up to now considering his statement " Carl lewis was a great, but i’m better!"

Lets hope he aint just talking the talk like mo and he will be able to deliver.

6.47s though…the man can run!

i dont get all this smack talk about mo. he delivers plenty. i mean damn, he has the 3 of the fastest times ever!

Hmmm we will see; Kareem Streete-Thompson has ran 9.9 secs but never really deilvered on the board.

Only man to have really suceeded in using their basic speed in modern times is C Lewis, we will see.

8.63 … I call it delivering, albeit it’s from 1994 (with 10.21 in the 100m in El Paso the same year). His 9.96 is from 1997, when he “only” jumped 8.08. But then again … 8.31 in 2000!

Exactly 8.08 off 9.96 sec shape is not delivering considering that Chris Tomlinson Of the UK is certainly not running 9.9 secs and jumped around 8.20m. A fast 60m is no guarantee of 8.40m plus, thats my point.

i suppose so, you got a point. It just makes you think though, if Mo was doing the talking when he wasnt winning all and in the best of shape, when he was performing at his best, was the talk just based on his beliefs and not the actual fact of him being in prime condition??

take this with a pinch of salt, its just a thought.

Back to Dwight though, its all about if he can transfer the speed into vertical lift…if he can be fast enough to do that, the odds are he will exceed CL.


about the tomlinson, thompson comparison…

althought tomo runs about 10.70 for the 100m his top end speed is FLYING…nearly 10.9mps at his best, i bet thompson didnt run much faster than 10.9mps on the runway…100m times dont mean anything if the jumper has good top speed and uses it at the board…

I have jumps from Phillips, that were over 8m and he was running under 10mps at the board, so its very decieiving…