Dwight Phillilps 8.74 -1.2 (Pre Classic)

That is an absolutely monstrous jump, into a headwind no less. He’s been looking this year, but wow.

Well done Loren Seagrave…you are the man! He has got all of his athletes rollin.

Event 3 Men Long Jump

World: W 8.95m 1991 Mike Powell, USA
American: A 8.95m 1991 Mike Powell
Hayward: H 8.49m 1993 Mike Powell, USA
Hayward: H 8.49m 2007 Irving Saladino, Panama
Prefontaine: P 8.49m 2007 Irving Saladino, Panama
All-Comer: @ 8.79m 6/19/1983 Carl Lewis, USA
Name Year Team Finals Wind

1 Dwight Phillips USA 8.74mH -1.2 28-08.25
8.43m(-0.7) FOUL(-0.4) 8.74m(-1.2) 8.64m(-0.1) PASS PASS

2 Irving Saladino Panama 8.63mH -0.4 28-03.75
8.29m(+0.0) FOUL(-0.3) 8.55m(-1.5) 8.63m(-0.4) FOUL(-1.9) FOUL(-1.6)

3 Fabrice Lapierre AUSTRALIA 8.02m -0.1 26-03.75
7.49m(-0.7) 7.68m(+0.0) 7.73m(-0.7) FOUL(-0.4) 7.95m(+0.0) 8.02m(-0.1)

4 Trevell Quinley USA 8.01m -0.3 26-03.50
FOUL(+0.0) FOUL(-1.4) FOUL(-0.8) FOUL(-1.0) 7.18m(-0.3) 8.01m(-0.3)

5 Yayah Berrabah Morocco 7.98m -0.4 26-02.25
7.52m(-0.9) 7.92m(-0.6) FOUL(-1.1) FOUL(-2.0) 7.98m(-0.4) PASS

6 Miguel Pate USA 7.92m -0.3 26-00.00
FOUL(-0.6) FOUL(-1.3) FOUL(-0.6) FOUL(-1.6) FOUL(-2.2) 7.92m(-0.3)

7 Matthew Turner USA 7.86m -1.1 25-09.50
7.86m(-1.1) 7.51m(+0.0) FOUL(-1.2) 7.31m(-0.4) FOUL(-0.8) FOUL(-1.0)

8 Brian Johnson USA 7.84m -2.5 25-08.75
7.76m(-0.6) 7.79m(-1.3) 7.58m(+0.0) 7.51m(-1.2) 7.64m(-0.8) 7.84m(-2.5)

I read that Dwight’s foul in Hengelo was 8.87m, a 2cm foul at that. Saladino’s preparation for landing in Hengelo in 8.56m was dreadful

I think come Berlin they could both be close to WR form

Lewis vs. Powell 2.0 at Berlin?

Saladino is also at great form. His 8.56 in Hengelo was disastrous techwise. He could have added 30cm just from a better landing.

Btw. did Phillips work with Tellez last year?

Are those wind readings correct? 28’ 8.25" is a monster jump even with a 3.0 tailwind.

I saw the wind blowing the flags as if it were a nice tailwind. Edmonton style?

Phillips jumps into elite territory
Sun Jun 07, 2009 By Gene Cherry / Reuters

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RESULTS: Prefontaine Classic

By: Reuters

Dwight Phillips registered the fifth best long jump in history at the Prefontaine Classic.

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EUGENE, Oregon, June 7 (Reuters) – Former world champion Dwight Phillips became the joint fifth-best long jump performer of all time when he leaped 8.74 meters at the Prefontaine Classic grand prix athletics meeting on Sunday.

Phillips, the 2005 world title winner, outdistanced Panamanian Olympic champion Irving Saladino by matching the longest jump in the world since 1994. Fellow American Mike Powell set the world record of 8.95 meters in 1991.

Saladino was second at 8.63 meters.

Only Powell, Bob Beamon, Carl Lewis and Robert Emmiyan have jumped farther than Phillips. Americans Larry Myricks and Erick Walder have equaled the distance.

In other events, U.S. Olympic champions Angelo Taylor and Dawn Harper both suffered defeat.

Beijing bronze medalist Bershawn Jackson relegated Taylor to fourth in the men’s 400 meters hurdles. American Jackson clocked 48.38 seconds with Taylor running 48.79 to place behind Jamaican Isa Phillips and U.S. Olympic silver medalist Kerron Clement.

Harper failed to finish the women’s 100 meters hurdles which U.S. world champion Michelle Perry won in 12.74 seconds. American runner-up Damu Cherry was given the same time.

Olympic bronze medallist Sanya Richard became the first of the year to dip under 50 seconds in the women’s 400 metres. She won in 49.86 seconds.

One get suspicious about the wind readings though… Both Phillips and Saladino jumping that huge in a headwind?

I agree, it looks questionable.

who else? Thanks

Btw. is there a video of the jumps? It was the event with best level in the competition and it seems to me there is no footage.

I believe the womens 100m was wind-aided…not sure which way the runway heads.

Someone in TF&N who was there stated that the wind was positive, so that has to be a misread from the oficials.

If it was positive reading it was one of the few, if any, during the entire LJ comp.

Long Jump - Men
Pts Wind
1 Phillips , Dwight USA 8.74 10 -1.2
2 Saladino , Irving PAN 8.63 8 -0.4
3 Lapierre , Fabrice AUS 8.02 7 -0.1
4 Quinley , Trevell USA 8.01 6 -0.3
5 Berrabah , Yahya MAR 7.98 5 -0.4
6 Pate , Miguel USA 7.92 4 -0.3
7 Turner , Matt USA 7.86 3 -1.1
8 Johnson , Brian USA 7.84 2 -2.5

Yes. Exactly right. Legal anyway. Those guys have been flirting with huge jumps for some time now.

My guess would be that they flipped the gizmo around. And that the person who handle it didn’t understood that. Wouldn’t be the first time…
But still they did some huge jumps. And the season just began :slight_smile:

Front view, but

someone told me he dropped a 10.0x recently??

Yep in May…he’s quoted as saying he’s enjoying track and field again…

Yes, look at the yellow wind gauge at the background, it’s clearly a tailwind, still legal anyway.


10.06 but not sure where