Dwain on Reality TV show

Dwain Chambers is to appear on a reality tv show. It starts tonight on ITV (in the UK) and is called Hell’s Kitchen. He and another nine Z-list celebrities get trained on how to be a chef by Gordon Ramsay.

Gordon is famous in the UK for saying exactly what he thinks (in his kitchens) and it doesn’t matter who he upsets. He temper is legendary.

It actually could be interesting.

I’ll keep everyone posted on how it goes, and how Dwain gets on.

GR is very good, he has a terrible tongue - every 2nd word is F*%k. I didn’t know Dwain was on it … I did know Abi Titmuss was though … hmmm … tasty …

Dwain is under some serious pressure…Last i heard was that he was going to walk out because he could take 2 weeks of Gordon’s put downs and humiliation. If he does quit I would be bitterly dissapointed with DC…He’s supposed to show the nation that he’s a fighter and can give as good as he gets! Come Dwain show us that you’re not a CHUMP but a CHAMP. Don’t go out like that.

I watched it last night.
It is a good show, real people, real food, real critics etc.

The show last night was unreal though. All along DC has been doing his work and being very dilligent (now there’s a big word). The work has been very tough.
These guys are in a reality show, living together and basically having to work as real chefs in a seriously busy kitchen with no training at all.

OK Gordon Ramsey (henceforth to be referred to as GR) is the head chef and the guy who runs the shop - a tough SOB, but he’s fair. He’s a serious perfectionist and as the food wasn’t up to scratch on the first night he said he’d rather close the restaurant and let the guests go home hungry rather than serve poor food … the food didn’t improve and GR closed the restauraunt!!!

So the guys are all under pressure and sadly DC wasn’t handling it very well. He just seemed to get quieter and quiter and withdraw into himself as the show went on.

OK lets get the story right so you guys can follow it …

One restaurant, 10 minor celebs in 2 teams of 5.
Head chef is serious celeb chef.
Guests are all big celebs and food critics.

One Head Chef - GR - The Main Man - cool dude, can’t complete one sentence with out a F*#k thrown in for good measure. Serious perfectionist, but a fair human guy behind it all. Probably top UK chef.
Two Teams
The Red Team and the Blue Team
Read Team
This is managed by some female chef (a nobody)
‘Celebrity Chefs’ - Abi Titmus (looks like a big knob of butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth, but serioooously hot and kinky - the only reason I watch it) , Belinda Carslile and 3 other nobody celebs
Blue Team
This is managed by some male chef (again a nobody)
‘Celebrity Chefs’ - Mat Goss (ex boy band singer from Bros), DC, and 2 other nobody celebs

Anyway back to the story …

The kitchen is seriously busy and the two chefs runnig the teams are very loud and shout alot.
GR could see it was getting to DC so he chatted to DC at the end of the first night and told him that nothing said was personal and DC understood.

But anyway yesterdaymorning DC had enough.
The guys on the teams pleaded with him to stay, but he bascilly broke up.

GR went up to the rooms to chat to him and told him he didn’t want to see him go and felt he was really improving.
DC said he had so much happen to him this year and basically he felt he couldn’t handle the pressure.
He said he ‘wasn’t used to working a real job’ (his own words) and wasn’t used to all the verbal - which you can understand - sprinting being a somewhat single and insular sport.
He said he came on the show to try and pick himself up after the hasssle of the year but the pressure cracked him and he felt that he couldn’t do it.
He kept saying that he had worked so hard and all he had worked for was taken from him.

The show interviewed him afterwards and he was alot happier, but it was tough to see a guy who only a few months ago was strutting around with abs you could grate cheese on looking like a million dollars struggle and break down like he was last night.

Certainly gave me a better perspective of DC the man.

( and Oh - yeh - no he can’t cook to save himself)

Oh my god!
Why do people make shows like that? (ok, just to make money…)
Why do “celebs” take part? (ok, to gain publicity, so basically just to make money…)
But why do people watch things like that?

very good question …

Made me think for minute …

Actaully as a rule I don’t watch TV much - but I love flicks

As for those reality shows - I don’t find anything interesting in them - I’ve never watched an episode of big brother or survivor or those other reality shows (In fact I think I’ve only seen one espisode of the Osbournes) etc. and I won’t be watching the rest of this series now.

I only got interested in this when I read (above) DC was on it.
I guess the reason I found this so fascinating was I wanted to see what DC was really like as a person and in an envirnoment like this you’re bound to get a better idea of what they’re really like … and you do …

My opinion of DC has changed…

To tell the truth - for DC I would probably watch it, too. He always seemed to be a decent person.

But probably DC’s oponents view of DC has changed, too and they look upon him as weak - leads back to the “psychology-game” issue.

Somehow I feel satisfaction when a “normal guy” like Kim Collins or Patrick Johnson kicks those boasty bully’s a$$es.
All the boasting and posing is only a facade, anyhow - it shows when the dreams are scattered and they cry like babies (Jon Drummond eg.)

But I still admire guys like Mo for the athletes they are - even when the stripping, posing, lizardlike tongue-games and almost every stupid interview fills me with disgust. Just a personal feeling.