DVD and Forum Review

I am a 200/400 runner and I am wondering if the DVD and forum review are geared mainly for 100m sprinters. My coach is very 400m oriented but I thought it would be interesting to show him the dvd or forum review, not to change his mind but to see if he coudl take anything from them and apply them to a 400m program. Just an idea, thanks.

Charlie has coached many successful 400m runners. The DVD is about the GPP phase and includes stuff for many sports. The forum review I will have to check, but I am pretty sure there is info for 400m runners specifically. It is definately worth the cost and then some. One thing I caution you on…Charlie makes alot of sense…too much sense sometimes and if your coach is not willing to change, you may be setting yourself up for finding a new coach.

Hm…I really want to check it out. Oh i’m not trying to change my coach or anything like that. I like what we do for GPP and everything, but maybe it’ll give him some good ideas to incorporate into his program.