Dunedin stadium challenges remain

Mar 18, 2008 7:42 PM

The battle is not over despite Dunedin City Council backing plans to replace Carisbrook with a new sports stadium.

Money could still prove to be a problem for the $188 million project.

Selling Carisbrook is among a dozen conditions set by the council in its decision to contribute just over $90 million to the project.

The next job is to raise $45 million from the private sector, and despite uncertain economic times the council remains confident.

“People have been saying to us ‘you get the green light from the council and come back and talk to us and we’ll support you’,” says Malcolm Farry, Carisbrook Stadium Trust spokesman.

The council’s ‘yes’ vote is also conditional on finding a way to reduce the ratepayers’ share of the bill by $20 million.

For those that oppose the plans, the figure provides little comfort.

“Well, we’re flabbergasted. We’re gutted that they could make a decision like this,” says Syd Adie, Dunedin’s Ratepayers’ Association spokesman .

Also, buying land for the stadium has not been easy, and as another condition of its funding the council wants the purchasing agreements ticked off within the end of next week.

These challenges and many ahead are still to be resolved.