Dumb question

I’m too lazy to do my research but I’m curious how many fat grams and cal would one get from 8 grams of flax?

Are you serious?


Search for flax oil nutritional info. Ta da.
1g fat = 9 cals
1g carb/pro = 4 cals
1g alcohol = 7 cals

8g of flax is at max 8*9=72cals if it had just fat. Worst. question. ever.

ok worst question ever.

i knew the coversion list above but wasnt sure if it was different for fish and flax oil. my diet has alwayw been like shit but im wanting 5o change that.

Don’t worry about cals so much as by how you feel and what you know is good for you. Judging by cals is too wishy washy and leaves no room for day to day events.

i would like to drop 15-20lb by jan, thats all I know.

Whats your weight/bf

not sure what my bf is, i just got done with a fb season where i had some injuries and couldnt really workout during the season.

my bw right now is around 200-205, i would like to get into 185-188 range.

also i dont really have the time to be counting cal etc, but i need to reverse how im doing things now too many carbs and not enough protein and change when i eat certain things. i need to consume more of my carbs for breakfast and pwo and the other meals can be protein,fats and low carbs.

1kg = 0.10 for the 100m

Starvation is the key, yet a very dangerous ingredient!

I been there. lol

How’d you come up with this formula?
When will the Olsen twins open up for the season?

To run slower or faster?

Geez Charlie you should have dropped Ben down to about 150 imagine the times he would have been running then 9.0 wouldnt have even been a problem.

Be interested to hear more thoughts on how mass affects performance and strategies used. Especially Charlie’s in terms of Ben. I guess weight was never really an issue for him however. Any other input always interesting!

My weight isnt a major issuse right now either I am just curious how my body would look and perform at 185-188 instead of 205-215.

I’ve always tried to inspire and encourage the chubby guy that is training hard to find the next level of motivation by suggesting that each kg is worth time on the track.

The Olsen twins (lol) don’t have any more fat to get rid of. I am talking about fat, not muscle that is used to help you get to the other end. How could you make you brothers station wagon go faster- rip off the panels, dispose of the interior, a 1/4 rather than full tank of gas.

Charlie, when you have already trained up toward a competition phase before a peak, what would 1kg of fat do for your 100m time?

Try strapping evenly dispersed weights up to a total of 1-2kg to the body. How much slower do you cover the 100m with it on?

I’d guess at 0.10, but the idea can’t be disputed that an increased power to weight ratio suggests that you will go faster. Do you think it that 1kg might be faster than 0.10 for the 100m?

Personal experience would suggest that KC is on to something. Earlier this year, I weighed in at 195 lbs @ around 6’1" and took a practice long jump during my warmup. I had no measured out steps, was wearing Nike Frees, and it was cold and wet out. I jumped 19’9".

By the time the season rolled around, I had been including upper body work for a while and my weight jumped up to 205-210, depending on the day. The best I long jumped all season was 18’9". I was not any fatter (I stay at around 9% BF despite a poor diet), but I had gained a lot of upper body mass and little to no lower body mass and my jumps and speed suffered.

After seeing this, I plan on dropping some more weight from here on out and keeping upper body work to a minimum. So, in my opinion, it’s not just fat that’ll slow you down, but excess muscle in the upper body too.

Yeah Dwain Chambers and Mo were slowed down a lot by the upper body muscle lol.

Nobody wants a fat athlete, but if you are forcing your weight down too much you will not perform all that well.

Doesn’t upper body work contribute to the organism strength?

I wouldn’t think it helped them too much. Then again, who can say how fast they would’ve ran with 5-10 lbs less upper body weight.

As for your second point, I completely agree. If you have to starve yourself to get your weight down you’ll perform worse despite the lower weight.