dual standards in forgiveness

Just a quick venting session here…

the track and field fan base seems to struggle (when it comes to national media whenever a few athl. get tested positive for something that should not be. However, pro athl get caught all the time beating wives, drunk driving, plotting a murder, drug sales but the following and fan club is unaffected. As soon as one thing goes wrong with track then they say “this makes it hard on everyone”. Terrell O acts a fool but this has no effect on anything else. ]

DOnt get me wrong, football is my favorite sport but what does it take for TF to get to a point where the general public (not us because obviously we’re zealots) will see the action as indidvidual behavior?

Perhaps it has to do with the fact that the ‘other sports’ have a larger fan base and a larger number of participants so it has less of an impact. :confused:

It could also be that public expectation of certain sports is skewed by historical and current actions.

Personally I see the actions of certain sports participants and view it as typical of that sport. Examples being rugby and rugby league. Players from those codes have a history of loutish, drunken, anti-social behavior and I doubt that will ever change as it is part of the culture. I don’t condone it but it doesn’t diminish my enjoyment of the games.