Drivephase1015 Training Journal

55m. Short, quick and get it over with. Not expecting much, just getting out and having fun with some of my guys from college days.

Tuesday, 1/12/10

Week 2, Day 2

Strength/Power Development
(keep in mind, all lifts are preceded by a 3 set warm up)

Back Squat 5 x 5= 325, 340, 350, 350, 360
Step ups 3 x 5= 95 (didn’t let heel touch the floor)
Bench press 4 x 5= 207, 221, 230, 230, 230
Push press 4 x 5= 135
Calf Raises 3 x 8

Wednesday, 1/13/10

Week 2, Day 3

No sprint work today. Recovery day. I do have a lifting session at 12 pm or so.

Wednesday, 1/13/10

Week 2, Day 3

Weights - 1:15 pm workout

Power Snatch 5 x 3= 125, 135, 135, 135, 140
Snatch High Pull 5 x 4= 180, 185 ,190, 200, 200
Goodmornigs 4 x 5= 135, 135, 135, 135
Russian Leans 4 x 6
Reverse Hypers 3 x 8

Iso Core
2 (4 x 35s)
Plank (on SwB)
L Side Plank
R Side Plank
Plank (on SwB)
**add 5-10s each week.

Thursday, 1/14/10

Week 2, Day 4

Workout - 4 am wake up, 5 am workout
Max V Warm up
200m skip
50m of short warm up
600m (50m walk, 50m accel)
Dynamic stretches x 10 reps
Sprint Drills x 30m
Build ups

7 x 30m w/30m fly in at submax 95% 3-5min/rep
3.05, 3.09, 2.99, 3.10, 3.04, 3.11, 3.06
Cool down/walk
Light Stretching

Ext. Repetition Core - 2 X’s Through Circuit
Solo Twist x 10
Reverse Crunch x 20
Twisting Crunch x 20each
Med. Ball Toe Touch x 30
Side Crunch x 15 each
Hip Thrust x 20
Side Crunch x 20each
Russian Twist x 20
Solo Twist x 10
Lying Wipers x 10

This workout felt much better than any of the workouts thus far. I was really ready to go. I’ll explain the times and what happened below.

Rep #1 - Good accel, but when I got the fly it felt hard to keep up the intensity in trainers.
Rep #2 - Felt much faster. I felt like I really set up myself for a good fly, but the time was a little slower.
Rep #3 - The best rep and achieved my goal for the workout.
Rep #4 - Felt just as good as the last one. The only difficult part I was starting to feel was finishing the fly.
Rep #5 - Looking to stay consistent and have one more under 3.00. The accel is feeling very good, but starting to get a little tired.
Rep #6 - Bad rep all the way around. Time to hunker down for the last one.
Rep #7 - Pushed myself very hard and tried be mentally tough while feeling fatigued.

So if you’re reading these times, you’ll notice that it doesn’t look very fast. Well, I got up and was mentally ready to do this workout. I was excited to see where I was compared to last week and see if I had any improvements. I got to the track and had a great warm up. UNTIL the worst thing can happen before you go into a max v workout. I opened up my back and pulled out the bag that I thought had my spikes in it. Low and behold, I grabbed my football cleats. GREAT!!! So, I started thinking about what to do. Drive 30 min round trip to get spikes or just do the workout. I decided that my goal now was to break 3.00 on the fly without spikes. I did that and tried to stay consistent. It’s difficult to do flys in trainers because of the positioning it puts you when you’re trying to throw down. I achieved my goal for the workout, but I’m not going to lie, I wonder what I would have run had I had my spikes on.

So what do you guys think? How much of a difference would have spikes made? Was I faster than I was last week in this workout? I look forward to responses if any!

Friday, 1/15/10

Week 2, Day 5

No workout on the track or in the weight room today. Tomorrow is a comp day of some sort at my alma mater.

Monday, 1/18/10

Week 3, Day 1

Workout - 4 am wake up, 5 am workout
Acceleration Warm up
200m skip
200m jog
200m skip
Dynamic stretches
Sprint Drills x 30m
Hip Mobility
Build ups

3 x (3 x 30m) 2min/rep - 5min/set

Cool down 4 x 100m
Hip Mobility

Ext. Repetition Core - 2 X’s Through Circuit
Crunch x 30
Hip Raise x 20
Russian Twist x 20each
Med. Ball Toe Touch x 30
Leg Raise x 20
Figure Eight x 15
Elbow to knee x 20each
Plate Crunch x 30
Scissor Kicks x 40
Jackknifes x 15

Todays workout was a little disheartening. This past weekend I had a cramp in my hamstring while racing at out alumni meet. I didn’t think it was too serious, but now I am fearing that it is a little more serious now. I was unable to finish the workout. It’s very tender and feels very fatigued. I have soreness walking up stairs and jogging. I only did 1 set and 2 reps of the 2nd one before I decided I should quit because I couldn’t put the effort in. I am going to have it looked at and I’ll continue to ice and take ibuprofen. It will be a day by day thing now for a little while.

I’m going to try and get my lift in later. If I can’t, I can’t, but I’ll atleast try.

i had that happen to me once. it also felt like a cramp. its not its a pull. get some therapy asap.

I have an 11 am appt at my dr. I’ll get a script for PT and be on my way. I’ve never had a hammy issue in my life so I don’t know what a pull, strain, etc feels like. I’ll post something after my dr. visit.

well actually it may be a strain. does it feel like you have a knot that you cant quite stretch out?

It sounds like a strain. I’d take it pretty easy and not stretch too much the next few days. If you have some $$, massage will be great, but otherwise give it some days to rest and then get into some foam rolling and other forms of myofascial release.

No, I don’t feel a knot at all. It’s tender to the touch and in one local spot.

I had my Dr. appointment to get a referral to pt. He diagnosed it as a partial tear. Not very specific, but he was more concerned about the tendons and what not. I have a PT appt tomorrow at 1:45 so hopefully it’s turns out to just a be strain and not a pull. I’ve never had hamstring trouble so I don’t know what one would feel like or if it were serious at the time it happened. I was given two perscriptions. One muscle relaxer and naproxen. I have been icing so right now I’m just going to take a day or two off. I’ll have more news tomorrow. I’m just hoping the PT says it’s minor etc.

It’s all the same stuff. It doesn’t sound too bad, but you shouldn’t keep trying to run or lift on it the next few days. Definitely no stretching in the immediate future (will likely cause more damage in the first 1-3 days or so depending on severity).

Yeah, I just meant that I’m hoping it’s such a low grade one that they laugh at me. I haven’t been stretching and I’ve been icing like crazy today. That’s about all I can do right now until pt tomorrow. The bad thing is that I ran pretty well. 6.45 in the prelims (got a way with a false start in the finals and evened it up with having to hope across the finish line (last 10-15m or so). I still ran 6.35.

Talk about Karma haha.

This morning when I woke it was very weird. I don’t feel any pain at all, even when I touch it. Is this normal? What have your experiences with this been like? Is this normal? I have no idea what to expect so if I don’t feel pain it makes me think that I can run and it’s done, but that can’t be right.

I had my eval. with a physical therapist today. He came to the conclusion that I didn’t tear it, but had a mild strain. He recommended that I do light pain free stretching, running and machine lifting. All below pain level. He also recommended that I do not push the running for 1 month and certainly no sprinting for 2 months. He then told me that I can manage this all from home and don’t need to come in for therapy.

Thoughts, opinions? If it is just mild, why 2 months before sprinting? I’m very, very, very stubborn and don’t know if I can wait that long. Let alone more than 2 weeks.

Get a new therapist. IN a few days get some massage. You could also get some ultra sound. There is now reason to kill a season for a mild strain. You need aggressive therapy, not stay home and do nothing therapy. I have a guy that does stretches. I Tore my quad and I mean ripped it up and he got me back in about a month. Had a strained hammy he got me back in 2 weeks.

Yeah, I’m exploring other options, I was pretty pissed off when I left today. When he told me how long I should stay away from intense workouts I was thinking (yeah, that’s gonna work). It was really just a waste of time.

The mild strain I got last year took me 2 weeks to recover from and one more week to be racing again. It was right at the beginning of my comp season.

The one I had sounds more severe then the one you have, so I dont see why 2 months would be needed. The one thing that helped was that I allowed it to heal while doing some sport specific activities. So as soon as I could jog I did, as soon as I could do some drills I did, as soon as I could do some light strides I did ect…

One thing leads to another and bam you’re back at it while of course being cautious.

And a good chiro/massage therapist will do wonders. I had some ART and massage to help the recovery process and break up the scar tissue.