In one match of football is better drink single water or water more maltodestrine/dextrose(high Glicemic index) or water and Fructose(low GI) or what?

I recommend carbohydrates and electrolytes over water only. Avoid large amounts of fructose as it will cause stomach distress. Formula should be mostly dextrose and/or maltodextrin with lower amounts of sucrose and minimal fructose. Other items such as galactose can be beneficial as well. But as always, try to keep to a 6% or so solution or less to prevent absorptive interferance with activity.

I agree…i am working with some experts in nanotechnology to improve the BOSS formula for during workout training and competition.

I’d like both your thoughts on whether small amounts of Aminos (or even some protein) could assist in recovery by assisting gylcogen replacement and improving cognitive ability and cognitive stamina during time-outs or half times?

While I am no zeppelin, BCAAs have been suggested by Charlie for during workout nutrition. Specific ratios, structure, and transport methods are the next step. Zeppelin and company have been tinkering with a BOSS formula from this summer and the results have been staggering.

I can’t wait to try it out …

… and of course on top of all this it has to be easily absorbed in the gut without causing upset too.

On top of being able to hand select the specific amino acids, the primary advantage in free form amino acids is that this form is the most easily absorbed. In this context, a whole protein is far inferior.

It’s something I’ve briefly experiemented with before.

I’m going to try it again now - but I’ll need to document the results a little more accurately than before.

My aim would be for games with 2 halves of 30 - 45 mins duration - so the requirements might be a little different than most.