Drama at NZ Nationals

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4:16 Murray live at Newtown: false start in the Sm 100m

4:18 Murray live at Newtown: sensation… Ambler;s out 2nd false start!!!

4:19 Murray live at Newtown: and he’s let back in after a query to the starter we’re not exactly sure what is going on

4.20 Murray live at Newtown: ambler wins

4:20 Murray live at Newtown: unoffical 10.38

4:21 Murray live at Newtown: ambler conitues walking around the track

4:21 Murray live at Newtown: van der speck next then bearda (not sure

4:22 Murray live at Newtown: crazy!!!

4:22 [Comment From just]
any word on whats happening with ambler’s false start? if its official?

4:23 Murray live at Newtown: we think he ran under protest and gets the time but not the title all up in the air

4:23 Murray live at Newtown: Dave sitting on the bank with his coach

4:23 Murray live at Newtown: singlet off not happy

4:24 Murray live at Newtown: sorry i dont know the rules

4:26 Murray live at Newtown: hold on for more info on 100 lots of cofusion

4:27 Murray live at Newtown: I was watching dave win easiely with a poor start lost track of everyone else sorry

4:34 Murray live at Newtown: From his coach: raced under duress. has 30mins to put in protest against his DQ

4:34 Murray live at Newtown: if win protest then gets the title


5:08 Murray live at Newtown: official results
Ambler DQed :frowning:
venderspeck 1st 10.53
bearda 2nd 10.57
mortimer 3rd 10.64

5:14 Murray live at Newtown: steve, scroll up?
there was a false start (not sure who)
then ambler was dqed for the 2nd false start
he queried it and was allowed to run “under duress”
he won in 10.38 with a rubbish start
then he had 30mins to protest
protest was lost
and van der speck credited with the win


5:14 Murray live at Newtown: sorry under protest, not under duress… wrong terminology

[i]Canterbury sprinter David Ambler was an angry young man at the end of the men’s 100m at the national athletics championships in Wellington yesterday.

The object of his anger had nowhere to hide either because the 19-year-old speedster only had himself to blame for his shock disqualification from the final.

With only one false start allowed, the eight-strong field was on edge after Otago’s Chris Donaldson fractionally beat the gun on the first start.

Ambler’s break on the second start meant automatic disqualification, and he walked away with his head in his hands.

But he soon returned to the start line. After signifying his intention to protest the decision, Ambler was permitted to contest the race, and powered through some trying blustery conditions to cross the line first in a personal best time of 10.38 seconds.

An outright favourite entering the final after an impressive series of times over the past month, Ambler finished the race with everything and nothing.

The Canterbury centre’s protest against his disqualification was dismissed, and first place was awarded to Aucklander Carl van der Speck, whose 10.53sec was comfortably ahead of teammate Craig Bearda’s 10.57sec.

A third Aucklander, James Mortimer, took bronze in 10.64sec.

The following wind of 2.4m per second was well above the allowable limit of 2m for a legal time.

Afterwards, an upset Ambler said he could blame no one but himself for the result.

“I just got away a bit too early. There was a bit of noise, but I should have held and waited for the gun. It’s a pretty distinctive noise …”

Ambler said he was happy to run under protest and come away with a win.

“I thought I was disqualified, I just started walking off but a few guys yelled out to run under duress, under protest, so I got out there and showed the New Zealand guys I could take it out.”

His third start of the final wasn’t the best, but Ambler’s power over the closing stages of the 100m is becoming a real strength, and served him well today.

“I didn’t get away too well the third time, you don’t want to break twice. I got out a bit tentatively, but in the end I pulled through,” Ambler said.

“I was pretty angry after the breaks - I was angry with myself - so I suppose that came out on the track … you have to wait for the gun, it’s pretty simple.”

Van der Speck, with a personal best of 10.61sec going into the championships, said it had been difficult to focus with so many distractions.

“I was pretty nervous after a couple of false starts, but I kind of took advantage of that,” he said.

“You just have to block everything out and hope for the best.”

Van der Speck, a South African who has lived in New Zealand for 11 years, posted the second fastest time in the heats with 10.59sec behind Ambler’s 10.46sec.

“I felt really good in the heats, and then just blew it out in the final.”

After a “shocker” in Brisbane last week at the Australian championships, van der Speck was more than happy to pick up a national title today.

“Hopefully I’ve got all the bad runs out of the way and I’m back into the good now.”[/i]

from http://www.stuff.co.nz/sport/2297732/Fastest-sprinter-doesn-t-win-title

Today’s drama was the winner of the 300m SM walk getting DQ’d for doing a roly poly over the line :rolleyes:


I didnt think you were allowed to run under protest anymore? Thought the IAAF got rid of that rule in 2003?

Yeah pretty much as been descibed, Dave, dumb kid, got a bit excited. “Not sure why I ran”, not that smartest thing he has ever said to me when talking about the false start…

But am glad he still got to run it and smack the other blokes up, giving them a head start as he sat in the blocks on the re-run. Oh well, onward and upward, looking forward to getting some work into him and the trip to europe in june to run world unis and hopefully get a WC qual done…

No doubt he will learn from this although its a damn hard lesson :(.

HEAPS of videos up already at

includes races and interviews. The online coverage has been absolutely fantastic. :cool:

are you going with him? Do you have an idea of what meets he may do prior to Uni’s?