best draft ever…

best draft ever for the browns (at least since their reincarnation) :slight_smile:

the best runningback was taken at the end of the third round… it was a steal, he has speed power vision.

PLease tell me that’s a joke. Baltimore has had a good draft so far, I’m questioning this 4th round pick though.

How did Maryland’s WR/KR Steve Suter get overlooked? 4.3 40, 580 squat, 355 bench, and super tough. Has never called for a fair catch in his college career. Anyone know what made him scare coaches off?

He’s 5’9
And will probably be signed as an UFA just as a KR

my team is BIG D and i really didnt understand their picks

if Big D is dallas then i dont know why you dont understand their picks. Im a huge cowboy fan and love their draft. Their switching the defense to a 3-4. Ware will play OLB and Parcells himself said he reminds him of LT coming from Parcells that means something. Spears is a fantastic player, very big and athletic perfect for a DE in a 3-4. Canty was very productive at UVA and would have been a 2nd rounder if not for injury. Burnett was a good pickup as well had a late first early second round grade to begin with. Remeber Glover and Ellis arent young so the D-line makes sense. Look for the starting defense to be: Ferguson, Glover, Ellis, Ware, James, Nguyen, Burnett, Newman, Henry, Williams and ?. Have a funny feeling that they may try to pick up Az-Akim who was released to give them a vertical threat and a good PR. All in all they had a top 3 draft.

Cowboys had a great draft from one standpoint but Newman is the only player in the secondary that can cover. Williams is overated, he can’t cover for shit, all he can do is hit.

Williams is not overrated he is probally outside of Ed Reed the second best SS in the league. He is okay in coverage not great but he is the best by far run supporting safety in the league. . Anthony henry the CB that they picked up from clevend is a solid player not great but solid. The secondary looked bad last year in part because they got no pressure on the QB.

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The Dawk and Sharper I would both have ahead of him. Sharper is getting a little old though. It’s all a basis of opinion on who’s the best, I go with Ed Reed too. It’s not that Williams is bad but he’s a one dimensional safety. Unlike Reed and Dawk who will throw their body around to make a play and are both ball hawks.

^ ty Genetic :stuck_out_tongue:

Suter has no knees left. He had problems coming out of high school and they got worse at Maryland. Shame, physically he’s amazing even though he was a goofball in the weight room, and even though his playing time and testing #s went down he did a 40" vert at their pro day. Really played with no fear.

I wouldnt put Sharper in the same group as Reed, Williams or Dawkins any more. Actually, i wouldnt put Williams or Dawkins in the same group as Ed Reed as i think he is be far the best safety in the league. But i hear you its all a matter of opinoin. Personally, i dont think Williams is that one demensional the dallas pass rush made it real hard for the secondary to cover. last year he also had to play more free safety since Woodson’s injury instead of the Strong safety. Again just a matter of opinoin but its good for a debate.

ya, im satisfied with dallas. i just expected more secondary and OL. but i kind of like the way they picked better.

Leave is to TSN in Canada to fuck everything up and only show the first round of the draft. They then switched to basketball; as if I care about basketball!

The least they could have done was to reair the entire draft or the later rounds at midnight!

my team is BIG D and i really didnt understand their picks

You’re team is playing Giants football now son. :smiley: That means you oughta be happy if your new coach drafts an offensive player in the top 2 rounds once every 3-5 years. Draft picks are for 2 reasons. #1 Building your offensive line and #2 building your defense. This year the focus was on #2.

Look at how he is doing nowdays, after being cut and still not making the team he got arrested with 4 loaded guns and wearing a bullet proof vest after a month before having a daughter. He is going to be in prison for a long time now.

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