:frowning: I don’t know about you guys but during this time of year it’s hard for me to get motivated
to lift and run… I think it’s because your next big meet is 6-7 months away… Yesterday I was lifting and I found myself just lookin at the walls
thinkin… Man~ next meet indoors in Jan '06 :rolleyes:

I should be motivated because this is the time of year to get STRONGER :smiley:

Do you guys go through this too?
If so what do you do? Cut your training back?

Maybe because it’s 95 degrees outside, or Madden 2006 is coming out and I can’t wait :smiley:

Kenny Mac~~~~

When I not motivated to work out, it helps to do things like play video games, read books, watch movies etc and not feel guilty about it. The trick is to work out before you do any of that stuff, and then use it as a reward. You will feel great. Find a training partner if you can. Get an MP3 Player (yet another reward for your hard work) and listen to your fav tunes when you work out. Get in the gym and get out. Set short term goals.

I didn’t think about that, Thanks that is some great advice. I need some short term goals.


Kenny Mac~~~~