Double insulin spikes for basketball

In the Musashi PW pdf it says that after playing sports with a heavy aerobic component, besides essential aminos and bcaa-s you would also require one 75g/kg BW shot of dextrose immediately after a game and another one 1 1/4h later. Would this be too much or is it OK after a very intense game. Does the second dextrose spike offer any real advantage or could you go with a lower glycemic carb?

Don’t overthink it so much, go by how your body feels. If you still feel drained then have a higher GI carb but if you don’t than adjust accordingly.

No, you only need to replace spent minerals and water as your precious physiology proffesor told you, duhh :rolleyes:
Its, 0,8g/kg to 1,5g/kg od CHO PW with 1/2 to 1/4 of proteins (no fat in first PW meal). I would go with more starchy food later, like pasta, bread, rice and potatoes.
See: Jeffreys, I. A Multidimensional Approach to Enhancing Recovery. Strength and Conditioning Journal. Volume 27, Number 5, pages 78–85.