Donovan Powell, World Record Holder

You would Think that Track and Field News would be the least likely news source to make such an error. :eek: :eek:

Isnt his name Asafa Bailey?

Someone didn’t check the cover art. :eek: Wow, that’ll hurt the guys at T&FN. They do try so hard to get it right. Shows they’re only human. Maybe it also shows that Asafa Powell’s performance is not matched by his PR. But a mistake like that on the cover is a shocker. . . hope it didn’t remain uncorrected on their print run. Ouch. Just goes to show you can’t believe everything you read - even in the Bible. :slight_smile:

hahaha! Just found this job on www.have i

Wanted- Editor for top tier sports publication

The ideal candidate will have experience at a similar level ideally within the publications sector, have knowledge of who’s who in the track world and not make cock ups that could cost us hundreds of thousands and embarrasment. After training would be able to demonstrate successful marketing of a product or company.

Job Ref: Wh4t A M15t4ke

Please let us know why you are the right candidate for the role including current salary details and CV.