Is this a sign of progress, or is it bad, or does it mean nothing except you are sore?

thank you -
I am just re-starting training (I was injured for about 2 months) and after training I am fairly sore for a couple days, especially in my hamstrings.

But would you mind explaining how it could be good or bad?

It can mean all three things at different times.

Have you started or added another component in training?

Are you doing the same training?

How long does it last.

I haven’t actually answered the question-but it depends. I would try and avoid DOMS, but sometimes you can’t.

I’m not really sure how it can be good. Like DMA says, it is something you should strive to avoid or at least minimize.


I guess my reply was a little too general.

By good I don’t mean it does you good. I was just saying that perhaps it is going to happen no matter what you do.

I haven’t trained for 4 weeks and not allowed to run for another 3 weeks, I can tell you now that I will sore after first run - even if is 2 x 50 runs in 12 seconds - that is probably what I meant by good - the fact I’m back training.

And if I’m sore after doing that same workout for a number of times previously - that is bad.

I guess good and bad are probably more mental than physically good and bad.

As I said initially if you can avoid it do it.

Does that make sense

yeah it all makes sense- thats kind of what I thought but I wasnt sure

thanks DMA and X

You may want to drop a little volume until you get to feeling normal. I would spend a bit more time doing some recovery methods (pool work, stretching, etc).

yeah im stretching everyday and im getting massages (from myself) those seem to really help and contrast showers.
thanks Dlive