Dokic Bomb Threat


By Mike Hedge and Chris Lines
MELBOURNE, Jan 19 - Jelena Dokic described her estranged :eek: father’s latest tirade as an unfortunate distraction'', distancing herself from his threats to kidnap the 22-year-old and to kill an Australian in revenge for her loss in a tennis match here this week. Dokic, who returned to Australia late last year after her father Damir took her to Serbia in 2001 amid claims she was the victim of a tennis conspiracy, said she had spent her life dealing with his similar erratic behaviour. This has proven to be yet another unfortunate distraction around my return to Australia and competitive tennis,’’ Dokic said.
``I have spent my life recovering from events such as this.’’

Damir Dokic, who has been kicked out of both the US Open and Wimbledon tournaments after displaying erratic behaviour, was reported in a Serbian newspaper saying he wanted to drop a nuclear bomb on Australia.
He also accused Croatians and Catholics of brainwashing his daughter into returning to Australia where he and his family had lived for seven years.
Australia with the help of Croatia and the :confused: Vatican have brainwashed my daughter,'' Damir told the daily newspaper Kurir. I have thought about dropping a :rolleyes: nuclear bomb on Sydney since Jelena lost in the first round this week, for which Australia is to blame.
I have even thought about :rolleyes: killing an Australian in revenge, but I wouldn't gain anything from it.'' Speaking on a Melbourne radio station today, Damir Dokic denied he had made the nuclear bomb threat. The man who once coached Jelena said today his feelings towards Australian tennis had not changed after his daughter lost to Frenchwoman Virginie Razzano in the first round of the Australian Open this week when a vital line call went against her. Jelena has been cheated and the ball was in and this only really happens in Australia and Australians have cheated her again :o ,’’ he said through an interpreter.
He made no comment on claims in his newspaper interview that he had sought help from Serbian politicians, including an accused war criminal to kidnap Jelena, but one of his supposed candidates for the task was awaiting trial in Holland as a :eek: war criminal.
In the interview, Dokic said Australia could expect his revenge and also claimed he was sane.
I'm not crazy when I say this, they are the crazy ones who give you :mad: hot sausages before the match when it's 40 degrees celsius outside.'' In the written statement she released through her managers Ace Group International, Jelena thanked Australians for their support since she returned to the country in early December, five years after storming out after Damir claimed the Australian Open draw was :( rigged against her. I have been overwhelmed by the support and friendship :slight_smile: I have been shown by the Australian public since I returned … which has proven to me that the decision to come back was the right one,’’ said the former Wimbledon semi-finalist.
I have not spoken to my father for a number of years and we do not agree on anything. This is not the first time he has made threats publicly to my wellbeing, so I am not going to allow this latest episode to disrupt my future happiness and I wish to distance myself totally from his reported views.’’
While Damir Dokic said he had been misquoted in the Serbian newspaper, tennis authorities were not prepared to disregard his threats.
Women’s Tennis Association spokeswoman Raquel Martin said the WTA would continue to support Jelena in whatever way it could.
``Our biggest concern is the wellbeing of Jelena Dokic,’’ Martin said.
Dokic is not playing in any other events at the championship.

A religious, rational guy, who cares about and wants his daughter close to him AAALL the time! What’s wrong with that??

PS I agree with KK’s comment; hopefully she’ll be back!

So he wants to drop a Nuke on Aus- and even kill one Aussie. I didn’t know Aus was so sparingly populated- or maybe it’s a very small Nuke.

charlie come and do a seminar here and find out…

Sounds scary down there. Maybe I can fit it in my schedule right after my clinic in Afganistan.

On second thought. Will Tatiana be there??

Second thoughts are always the best! Bin Laden can wait…

charlie said
“On second thought. Will Tatiana be there??”

oh god not another one…so here you go for a limited time of 24 hrs i will remove merlene and put in tatiana for you…

I’m pretty sure BL can still afford a trainer but I suspect getting “paid off” at the end is a bitch.

Hey! I was just commenting for the edification of the group! If you’ve got my DVDs, you know I have no complaints!

If this is response that this guy gives to his daughter losing, I am glad that Jelena did not lose to an American during the NATO-sanctioned bombings of '99.

The poor imbecile does have a point though, about the grilled sausages . . . :stuck_out_tongue:

``I’m not crazy when I say this, they are the crazy ones who give you hot sausages before the match when it’s 40 degrees celsius outside.’’

The father of Jelena Dokic is absolute lunetic. I can tell you that because I know the whole situation from the first hand. (Her present boyfreind is my track collegue) Let me tell you the story in short. Jelena Dokic is born in Osijek, Croatia and lived there until begining of war in 1991. The Croatia wanted to declare its indepedency from Yugoslavia and since the Serbs didn’t like the idea they started the brutal war against Croatia. During the war radical Serbian people called “chetnics” (father Dokic declare himself as one) did a terrible crimes slothering thousands of inocent Croatian civilians. All that without any reason, just pure hatered which lasts for centuries because the Serbs always wanted to dominate over Croatian people who are besides catholics unlike the Serbs who are orthodoks. Their leader Slobodan Milosevic is being currently prosecuted at International court for war crimes in Hague! He and the people like Dokic are responsiblle for death of hundreds of thousends of people during several wars they’ve started in former Yugoslavia.

So the nuclear bomb threat isn’t any joke for people like Dokic. If he could by any chance he would do it. After they comitted the masacre over 18000 civilian Moslems in Srebrenica-Bosnia, Serbs wanted to prevent US intervention by threatening that they would lunch the missle with nuclear warhead to US airbase in Aviano Italy and even to Wienna!

I dont know if they posess it. But in former Yugoslavia it was always whispered that we got it. Yugoslavia certainly had the possibilities to create it. Besides, the Serbia has traditionaly great protection from its “big brother” Russia!

Thanks to God the war is over 10 years ago, the things are returning to normal. The majorty of people from both countries try to forget it and live friendly one to another. But the very few very bad and evil people like father Dokic don’t give up. They still live in pathological hatered and if they could, they would start it all over again!

Jelena Dokic is unfortunate victim of her father with, I’m afraid, permanent demages. She tries intensevly to patch herself up with therapy!

Regading Australia, father Dokic outragesly but cleverly took advantage of Australian hospitalty. Aussie helped in every possible way to her to make the professional tennis career. After she made her way to the top, father Dokic decided to come back to Serbia without single word of explanation!

Fortunately, Jelena Dokic menaged to escape from her father who went totally nut when he found out she has a new Croatian coach and Croatian boyfreind. Unfotunately the coach was worth shit so she went from 15. to 126. in one year on WTA list.

My track buddy left training to be able to travel around the world with Jelena and gained 10-15 kilo in the proces.

The latest rumor says she has found another boyfreind after two years of their relationship. If its true, we can expect him to show up on the track soon after long time!

P.S. This post isn’t any political debate so the Serbian members shouldn’t be ofended by its content in any way!

A year ago when Jelena was on vacation in Croatia, she went to Serbia to meet her family and try reconciliation with father. Unfortunately, it almost ended up in blood. When she came back she promised herself never again to see him.

As I said the greatest mistake she has made was hiring Croatian so called “coach” Borna Bikic. The guy is very strong with words but reality shows very vividly his results. He also ruined another top tennis player career. Croatian Carolina Sprem was 15. on WTA when she started to date Bikic. He persuaded her to left her coach who brought her to the top and ability to beat everyone on tour and to start working with him. In a short period of time Sprem couldn’t win even the first round of any tournament. She is recovering right now but is still around 70. on WTA.

At the end, I can say Jelena is really nice girl and I really hope she’ll find the way to come back to the top!

Her father shouldn’t be given any space in media at all!

The research is there for anyone who cares to look into it more. Hot sausages (pre-competition) are absolutely detrimental to performance. How could they have missed this?

Is that with or without Mustard?

Pssst! Don’t tell anyone: the b-b-q’d sausages are the ergogenic aid which has been powering Aussie tennis . . . doh! OK Hold the chilly sauce.

Under the principle of action/reaction, this would explain how they go forward quickly, but how do they time it so they can back up?