Doha preview: Gatlin, Obikwelu, Crawford & Olusoji Fasuba

DOHA, May 12 - Olympic 100 metres gold medallist Justin Gatlin will face a stiff challenge at the Qatar IAAF Super Grand Prix on Friday from silver medallist Francis Obikwelu and the 200 metre winner in Athens, Shawn Crawford.
Gatlin recorded a season-opening win in Osaka last week, coming home in 10.15 seconds, but faces a much stronger field here, including Portugal’s Nigerian-born Obikwelu and fellow American Crawford.

Olusoji Fasuba, age 20, 175cm and 78kg, is also running in Doha. He won a race in Nairobi, Kenya last weekend and the electronic scoreboard showed 9.47sec. Then later it was listed at 9.87sec electronic. This time was then allocated hand-time status of 9.80sec. He backed up for the final and won in 10.09sec still legless from his fast qualifying run. He is the African Championships winner from Brazzaville last year and a member of Nigeria’s Olympic bronze medal-winning relay. This guy has an excellent :wink: coach and both young men are very much on the rise. Watch this space kk :slight_smile:

I should improve on my timing from here on,'' Gatlin said. I missed out on training at the beginning of the season, we had to find a new track, and it took us two months, which was disappointing, I had to train on grass.
However, I'm happy that I'm catching up on things. I started my build-up to the Olympics here (Doha) last year, and I consider this year as a build-up to my surge to the world title'' to be decided between August 6 and 14 in Helsinki. I didn’t perform well (in Osaka) and I hope I’ll do my best tomorrow. But it will not be easy as we have many good competitors who are taking part,’’ he said.
Crawford, who won the 100 metres in Doha in 2004 in a wind-assisted 9.86 seconds ahead of training partner Gatlin, was in buoyant mood ahead of the meet in the Qatari capital Doha.
I'm ready to repeat my high performance of last season,'' he said. I’m going to do my best. If I’m ready for the World Championships in Helsinki my aim is to win the gold medal and to break the record (in the 200 metres).’’
The two American speedsters will have to contend with the talent of Obikwelu, who only entered the Olympic 100 metres as a warm-up for the longer sprint, and finished second to Gatlin.
Elsewhere, Saif Saeed Shaheen of Qatar, formerly known as Stephen Cherono of Kenya before switching allegiances, is gunning for the 2,000 metre steeplechase record of 5min 14min 43sec.
That time was set by one of Shaheen’s former colleagues, Julius Kariuki, in 1990, and his only real challanger is another Kenyan, Wesley Kiprotich, who won in Osaka last weekend.
In the flat 3,000 metres, Kenyan Eliud Kipchoge faces stiff competition from young compatriot Augustine Choge, the World Junior and Youth 5,000 metres champion who won the World Junior Cross Country title in France last month.
In the women’s events, several performers are making a comeback from injury, notably World Indoor record holder, Jolanda Ceplak of Slovenia in the 800 metres.
She faces Olympic medallist Hasna Benhassi of Morocco and her returning colleague, Mina Ait-Hammou, but Diane Cummings of Canada could surprise them all.
Anju Bobby George, India’s World Championships bronze medallist from Paris in 2003, also returns to competition after a six-month break and is bracing herself for a punishing schedule.
Her first event back will see her up against Olympic champion Tatyana Lebedeva of Russia and former world champion Fiona May of Italy.

Here are the results and some news, you read it first! :slight_smile:

Heat 1 Wind:-0.9m/s
Pos Athlete Nat Mark
1 Crawford Shawn USA 10.17
2 Obikwelu Francis POR 10.20
3 Fasuba Olusoji A. NGR 10.21
4 Pognon Ronald FRA 10.28
5 Al-Yami Salem Mubarak KSA 10.34
Al-Obaidli Khaled Youssef QAT DNS

Heat 2 Wind:+0.1m/s
Pos Athlete Nat Mark
1 Gatlin Justin USA 10.15
2 Thomas Dwight JAM 10.18
3 Emedolu Uchenna NGR 10.21
4 Batman Daniel AUS 10.34
5 Mayola Freddy CUB 10.46
6 Bader Ahmed QAT 10.81
FINAL (don’t have full results, nobody seems able to provide them)

  1. Obikwelu 10.05
  2. Crawford 10.14
  3. Gatlin 10.14
  4. Emedolu 10.20
  5. Fasuba 10.28
  6. Thomas 10.??
  7. Batman 10.??
    dns Pognon

Pognon dns due to hamstring problem. He let the 7th lane open and in lane 8 there was Fasuba who felt alone and started to race from 50m… The weather was very hot and dry, to a point where it was defavourable even for sprinters… Seems like it will be quite the opposite in Helsinki! Gatlin had to deal with his right ischio and said before the race that the pain was getting harder in the last few days… Anyway, season starts! :smiley:

at last official results
Wind: +0.5 m/s
Pos Athlete Nat Mark

1 Obikwelu Francis POR 10.05
2 Crawford Shawn USA 10.14
3 Gatlin Justin USA 10.14
4 Emedolu Uchenna NGR 10.20
5 Fasuba Olusoji A. NGR 10.26
6 Thomas Dwight JAM 10.34
7 Batman Daniel AUS 10.35
Pognon Ronald FRA DNS

Is his name really BATMAN!!! COOL!!!

PJ, it’s great to have a man on the ground giving such first-person eye-witness reports. Anything else to mention from Doha?

Actually i wasn’t in Doha, but had some “contacts” :slight_smile: there to give me live news…

On Ronald Pognon : in the last meters of his 10.28 heat in Doha, the 60m european record holder dns in final. Nevertheless, just getting off the plane, he competed today in a 100m in Montgeron, near Paris, here are the race result:

100 m (v.d 1,5 m/s):

  1. Ronald Pognon (FRA) 10.42
  2. Aaron Egebele (NGR) 10.43
  3. Eric Nkansah (GHA) 10.51
  4. Ladji Doucouré (FRA) 10.52 (yes, the 13.06 hurdler who fell in OG final!)
  5. Joseph Batangon (CMR) 10.59
  6. Aimé Nthepe (FRA) 10.66

Why Ronald took part to this race is beyond is beyond my logic, especially since his coach said today that his hamstring troube was cause by effort accumulation. The fact that it was his home city track isn’t worth the risk!

Timing seem to have a difficult month, after Nairobi, there were again strange moments in Santo-Domingo yesterday, as reported by Stephen Francis in Carribean Track & Field Forum:
[i]"Very very questionable times at Santo Domingo
Sun May 15, 2005 23:14

Unbelievable timing procedures and output was the highlight of the Santo Domingo meet yesterday.
In an incredible display, Omega, who apparently provided the timing services, put on a show that quite simply was second to none.
Get this. The “official” times of the meet were not available until 3:30 this morning, some five hours after the meet ended.
During the meet there were a range of time given, starting with the first race, the womens 100m hurdles.
Brigitte Foster was given 12.85, then 12.25, then 12.56 then when the “official” results were received it was back to 12.85. She won the race by about 1/2 a meter, yet Melissa Morisson who was second, was given 12.86.
Sherone’s time was first stated as 21.75, then it moved to 22.46, then finally to 22.54.
Latasha Colander was given a time of 10.86, with Aleen 10.96 and Monique Hennegan 10.99. These time were later replaced with 11.06, 11.18, 11.26
The 400m women was first given as 50.51 then adjusted to 51.78.
There is no way that Kim Collins was 0.14 seconds behind Marc Burns. The race was fairly close with the top 4 guys almost together at the line.
Personally, I do not know what the statisticians are going to do about the results from this meet, but I know that I am going to throwout all these results. I do not believe them one bit.
Next time I go to a meet in Santo Domingo, I will be sure to carry a stop watch."[/i]

Sad news: French Federation president officially announced today that Ronald is forced to rest during 3 weeks because of his injury. He cancells all meets before European Cup on 17-19 June in Firenze.

Maybe his coach should take a rest too?

Then again, maybe Pognon himself should have known better than to run that race. Is this lack of professionalism? Maybe just experience?

Lack of professionalism and experience was already shown indoors with how he dealt with journalists. For this injury story, it seems so strange (it was way tooo obvious that he was going to be injured) that i prefer not blame anyone. His coach is not soemone who would take such risks. That’s why i don’t understand.

PJ, more to the (important) point now, who is the semi-nekkid lady? and why did you get rid of the lovely Amelie? These are the sort of profound questions which make go round. :stuck_out_tongue:

Why, why did you get rid of Amelie?

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She’s Sophie Marceau, actress, who seemed to have lost something during the “montée des marches” at Cannes Festival in front of hunderdth of photographs. The Janet-like gracious moment endured only half a second…

On a less important topic, on the national media degree, i spoke to Pognon’s coach and manager yesterday night, they told me that the hamstring is cut on several centimeters. He wanted to run on his hometown’s club… They think too that he can take benefits form that forced rest…

I admit Sophie is pretty cute… but Don’t avoid the issue PJ: why have you betrayed Amelie? :eek:

you will understand why here:

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I say, HELL NO!