Does maximal squat strength correlate to sprinting and jumping capabilities of elite

Does maximal squat strength correlate to sprinting and jumping capabilities of elite soccer players?

Recently, researchers from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim, Norway examined the relationships between maximal quarter squat strength, sprinting, and jumping ability with elite soccer players. Sprinting ability was determined with the use of a 10-meter sprint and a 30-meter sprint. Vertical jump displacement was determined with the use of a force plate analysis system. After analyzing the data collected the researchers determined a strong relationship between the soccer players who could quarter squat the most weight and the players who could jump the highest and sprint the fastest. The researchers concluded that the strength training programs for soccer players should center on the development of overall maximal strength and power. These characteristics seem to relate to the ability of soccer players to run faster and jump higher.

Wisloff U, Castagna C, Helgerud J, Jones R, Hoff J. (2004). Strong correlation of maximal squat strength with sprint performance and vertical jump height in elite soccer players. British Journal of Sports Medicine, 38(3): 285 – 288.

I wonder if a full squat would relate as much?

Well…duh. Just kidding :smiley:

never try comparing squats to speed curves, regardless how heavy…

the force required to run 6.33@60metres is far greater that squatting 500 pounds to the ground for 8 reps…

central nervous system is the formula 1 of a human being…


It seem like squat strength (at a higher intensity then 8RM) could be a good metric for speed though. (And if a fast athlete’s squat is lower than his/her peers then it is obvious what they should work on)

then how does 4 sets @ 405@22 reps to the ground sounds like, 4 min recovery between each…

regardless, legs speed is force application, greater force off the ground that going into the
ground… “in sprint position”