Does anyone speak German around here??

I need some help translating a document I received from the German govn’t, and my efforts so far have been in vain due to a limited understanding of the German language, and how to correctly translate certain words in to English.

Here is the text of the message:

Sehr geehrte Frau,
in vorstehender Angelegenheit uberreichen wir anliegend:

Antrag auf Leistung wegen Kindererziehung
Lebens-und Staatsangehorigkeitsbescheinigung:

Wir bitten um Rucksendung nach Unterzeichnung. Die Lebens-und Staatsangehorigkeitsbescheinigung muss durch einen Notary Public beglaubigt werden Ferner benotigen wir eine beglaubigte Kopie der Geburtsurkunde Ihrer Tochter sowie eine Kopie Ihres Passes.

Wir sehen der baldigen Rucksendung entgegen

If someone could do a quick translation for me, it would be MOST appreciated, as it is of great importance to me.



Dear Ben,

 The following is a rough translation only. For legal purposes you may need an officiall translation by a certified translator.


Dear Madam,

With regards to the abovementioned matter we enclose:

Application for child education benefits
Declaration of payment
Life certificate and certificate of nationality

We ask you to sign and return these documents. The Life certificate and certificate of nationality has to be certified by a notary public. Moreover, we require a certified copy of your daughter’s birth certificate and a copy of your passport.

We are looking forward to your return consignment.

Thank you soooo much robin1, the online translations I was getting were not even remotely clear, but yours makes a whole lot more sense!!! :smiley:

Thanks again,