Does anyone know anything about the Bills new S&C coach...

In his bio it mentioned he studied in russia, but later on mentions he was with the tampa bay bucaneers around 95 when I thought they were a HIT team. Any info on his training style?


It looks like Brad Roll was the head guy at Tampa up until Tony Dungy came in and was probably let go then. Asanovich (currently at Jacksonville) was Dungy’s S&C coach at Tampa, and they were a HIT team then. Roll was then an assistant at Miami for John Gamble and he is not a HIT guy.

As previously mentioned Brad Roll worked with John Gamble with the Dophins, that is where I met him. From what I have seen and read of him he is big into olympic lifts, i have also seen him do some neat stabilization things on a physio ball as an unstable surface in the weight room.