Does anyone know any good lower back stretches?

Does anyone know any good lower back stretches?Or back stretches in general.


Again we are looking at two mistakes here…

(1) The first is a generald dump of one method…

(2) No explanation of the need or rationale by Terminator 2

Well I just meant here were two stretches that could probably be used in the manner described to help relieve some tightness, not necessarily to be used with frequency.

no hate…just we need to get specific here…why and how, not do this.

One book, I read over and over again is Stretching: by Bob Anderson.

Pick it up!


That does it offer?

well clemson the reason I would like to know some good lower back stretches, is becuase my lower back muscles seem to get tight. Recently I did 2x200 at 100% and I had not done that much volume of work in a long time. After I notice my lowerback bothered me. I don’t know if the 2x200 caused it or aggrevated my lower back, but I’m leaning towards the latter. I don’t know any effective lower back stretches to do so that part of my body tends to get tight. I’ve tried the lay on the floor bring your knees to your stomach stretch but for me the stretch seems totally ineffective. Right now my lower back muscles feel a little sore and weird and so does my tail bone. Today my lower back is a little sore, yesterday the nerves in my lower back felt kind of weird.