Does anyone have Bob Hayes 8.6 relay?

I can’t seem to find the vid, I saw the link on the site a little while back but there was no vid in there.

I have it from Bud Greenspan’s Olympiad series, “The World’s Fastest Man”. You can still find copies on eBay (VHS format).

But it’s a pretty bad angle (from the front) and the last 40m is obscured by the fans standing up!

Still, to be behind by that much, make up the distance, and blow everyone away… all you need is Bob Hayes!

Boy I’d love to see that as well. Does that clip exist on this site?

“all you need is Bob Hayes”, one of the greats and my fave, how sad how his life ended, what could he have run under today’s conditions, wow! :rolleyes:

H did die younger than we all would have liked. But I remember reading about him being a Christian, and if that’s true then I have no worries of where he is now.

He lived a hard life, but he lived long enough to be sorry, and to get into the Dallas Cowboy’s Ring of Honor,which is a big deal in these parts.

I’m glad he got in the Cowboys ring of honor, he was my idol, I spoke to his brother just weeks before he died and I told him that I still sprint in part because of Bob Hayes, I told him that he left an indelible impression on me growing up and asked him to please pass that on to his brother. He won the 1964 Olympic 100m by .2 tenths of a second on a cinder track in lane 1, he was awesome, had several WR’s taken away on “technicalities”.

yeah Bob Hayes was the man, unfortunatly I had to be born in 87, many years too late to see someone like him run.

Yeah, I was born in 1986, and I feel the same.

hey sorry to drag up this 2 year old thread but i have the video. if you have msn i could send it on there cos my email is a bit dodgy.