does anyone have 1edmonton 2001 100 meters and paris 2003 100 meters

does anyone have a link to watch 2001 edmonton 100 meters final and paris 2003 100 meters final,i think thor will help me he have all the links OF ATHENS

It´s hard to find this but i guess you can download at


Who is that in your avatar?

I am not ‘flying’, but to answer your question that is Aziz Zakari. He finished in last place in this year’s Athens final and also in the Sydney final (2000)

That´s right, that on my avatar is Abdul Aziz Zakari,
and he finished in 8th place this Olympics ( last of the finalists ).
He is from Ghana, 28y/o and 10.0s PB.

You may be the answer to my prayers! If at all posible could you also e-mail the Edmonton video(s) to me?!? This is my favorite race of all time and I lost it on my old computer due to a total system crash. I’ve looked everywhere for these so this would be awesome and tremendously appreciated.

My e-mail address is Thank you in advance for any response.

Malcolm Thomas

Hi Malcom,
i´m gonna send you the “race” tonight ok,
be sure that your in-box is available cause i tried to send the video to deMOlisher 2 days before and after 5 minutes of up-load i received a message from his mail telling me that the the in-box was oversized !! :eek:

thannks flying ,try please send it to
i really dont know how to thank u,anyway if it takess tootooo long dont do it

does anyone have a slo mo? malcom said he had it but i never recieved it.

i never knew that you didn’t receive it. I’ll resend. What is your address.

can u seend the edmonton videos to me pls