Do you train alone, with a partner or a group?

Just wondered what the predominant way you train is.

I’m a lone wolf :smiley:

used to be alone, then with a partner, and now i have a group.

I train with a group, but I do alot of solo home-training as well but thats mainly just general fitness while the group training is sprint specific.

LOLOl I was actually part way through setiing this up with poll options and decided to do it later, thought I had killed the post…silly John :rolleyes:

on my own. meh. i’ll ask for a spot in the weight room but beyond that…nah.

I’ve been training alone for a while now…not many here in the Bellingham area…but who knows…someone may pop up here one day… :confused:

i run alone and lift alone

Alone though depending on my schedule/traffic, for lifting I can lift with Tim Bruner who I think is something like legendary at the Texas/National level in the USPF and another guy who benches 600 @ 275 single ply. (the bencher follows Westside btw) Not a bad group to get one motivated to lift big weights!

This is the reason I started this thread, in power lifting circles one of the most common forms of advice is find a group of committed, strong, take no prisoners people and lift with them.

In track however there doesn’t seem the same ethos, why is that?
Is it simply because more people lift than run?
More program differences in track?
It is often simply more convenient to train alone?

Perhaps a bit of all of the above :cool:

I definitly train in a group. Just based on the amount of recovery time that sprint training requires…I mean who wants to hang out and talk to Herb for 15 minutes? :stuck_out_tongue:

Having scheduled practices with friends definitly helps motivate you to get out there. I notice such a difference in my motivation levels on tempo days when I’m training alone…it always gets left til the last minute and seems to take sooo much longer without someone there to “enjoy” it with!

small group training for me usually, thanks to andrea and herb (who started things), not to mention everyone else. But I enjoy the occasional solo session, I can easily self motivate, but having a coach to guide me is always superior I find (unless you know everything :stuck_out_tongue: )

i train alone

lets me do my own thing and people don’t get in the way. but thats me, if you find the right group it would be good. but not around here

was running with a mate, but now we live in different city’s. So alone now, and it suxs. Might have found a group to train with, will find out in the next few days i hope. Only for the sprint workouts though, its a bit far just to do tempo work. i can do that myself, unless i can find some people local, its way easier as a group. Perhaps i will start a club??

My old training partner got me into track running and taught me a great deal of fundamentals. I moved to a nother part of the country and train on my own. I have tried training with other guys but we can only agree to disagree and end up training on different parts of the track.