Do you like Pay Pal?

hi Members,

We’re looking at options to better serve the community when you use our onlinestore. Today we ask your opinion on paypal.

I haven’t had any problems with it…

Paypal is ok, setting up your account is a pain in the a-- though, with the retarded wait for that activation code. The biggest problem though is that it seems orders always get stuck pending despite paypal immediately confirming the payment to the buyer.

just like Mickey D’s…I’m Lovin’ It…

Never had a problem

I hate Pay Pal. I was realy looking forward to geting CFTS when Pay Pal ruined it all. First they didn’t have my country on the list (Yugoslavia) and then when I signed in as Greek (nearest country)they asked me to fax a credit card statement (?!).All in all very frustrating

Paypal is ok, but it would be cool to have other, more standard options for payment at the online store.