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Dear Members of the Community

Did you know has been around since 2000?

How cool is that?

Historically,a large part of the success @ has been we do not endorse or advertise other sites, products or events. The content of this site has stood alone.

A rule for the members here remains as always which is there is no personal or professional advertising on our forums.

My support of has been a first.



Angela Coon

I remember when the site was simply

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In the 2002 Forum Review Intro written by Charlie he mentions that the site only had 52 hits the first month.
Well, half of those were probably from me lol. I would check the site every morning to see if it went live.

It’s been fun.


I had the pleasure of meeting Dave Tate this past weekend. He was one of the few people… actually the only person to acknowledge the hours Charlie put into the forums. His comment was and Charlie did it for free. Well not exactly. Charlie did it to regain what he felt he lost. He was fighting to regain his reputation.

Best track and training site on the net

Truly grateful of all members’ contribution to expanding available knowledge and to you and Charlie Francis for making it all possible.

Best training site on the net. is the finest forum for anyone wanting to get faster. thank god we have this excellent forum with excellent training downloads. thanks ange for keeping it going !!

I concur, best training speed site available, and the products are awesome. Thanks for keeping it alive Ange.

Best site on the interwebs. Period.

I also concur, best sprint training site available.

No doubt Charlie’s legacy continues to grow and he as certainly regained what he has lost in the minds of true sprint coaches. As stated previously in the recent past I cannot count how many people consider Charlie to be the most influential coach in their sprint training.

Charlie and this site have helped so many. I only hope he receives the gratitude from the full sport community he is overdue.

I remember asking Charlie the question… how long will it take for world to think differently about what happened to us and to Ben and everyone else in 1988?

" I don’t know… maybe 20 years?..I was 22 at the time. That was 33 years ago.