DMSO - How often?

I had a hip arthroscopy exactly two months ago and I still have this deep and lumpy scar tissue right in the belly of my TFL muscle that just won’t go away. I really feel like it’s limiting my internal rotation and just overall strength. I’ve used DMSO twice so far and have maybe noticed a slight improvement in the tissue being so stiff. I’d like to increase the dose, but I am worried about it causing harms like weakening the tissue like Charlie thought. Does anyone have any recommendations on how often to use it? Are there any other creams/supplements that might reduce this scar tissue?

Only three ways i’ve noticed on how to best remove scare tissue and adhesions

1 - Hands on massage

2 - Massage or Tens or foamrolling followed by Jade stone as depicted on CF’s Fundamentals DVD (i believe it’'s no 2)

3 - Cupping - more so, sliding cupping (works like a dream)

To break up scare tissue and adheasions, it does hurt. After all, you’re breaking up hard parts of the muscle and sheaths.

I only use a few drops of magnesium oil or gel.

I’ve used DMSO mixed with menthol rub, traumeel, and aspercreme for slight pulls, most recently a pulled calf. It took about 7 days and I was back to full speed. Not a high grade tear, but enough where I had to train on the bike and in the pool exclusively for a week. In 10 days I was back to full speed running in multiple directions.

I didn’t notice that DMSO itself did anything drastic but it did seam to heal it faster. I never trained after putting on DMSO, only the next day.

Thanks guys, I’m going to look into the recommendations by the both of you. I’ll also report back when I solve this issue.

Dmso sounds interesting. Might be a good addition as a cupping lube

Is the scarring where the incision was made?

Have you considered the nervous system is limiting the movement and strength as a defensive mechanism?
You may find kinesiotape useful to help alter the sensory information sent to the brain and reduce the brain’s perception of a threat.

This is exactly what is happening. I did get kinesiotaped about week 2 of the process and I’m not sure if it really helped or not. Now that I’m beyond that point, I think it will really work this go around. I’m currently trying to locate a therapist with the credentials that you recommend in my area.

The scar tissue is right in between the two incisions that are about 3" apart. So far DMSO and MSM really doesn’t seem like its doing much after putting it on about 8 times.

From the discussion I had with my surgeon yesterday. He says that I may have keloids and that I should have been getting general ultrasound but I have not.

Why use DMSO?

I read up on some people saying it helps break up scar tissue post surgery. I’m sure it would have been way more useful during the first few days after surgery.

My familiarity with DMSO comes from a laboratory setting where it is well known to be cytotoxic. I have no idea if the concentrations to which cells are exposed in that setting resembles those to which you are subjecting your cells. Is there evidence of safety and efficacy when used in this manner/for this purpose? Where are you getting the supply? I can imagine that it would be challenging to avoid introducing unwanted compounds because DMSO will solvate such a broad range and because QC is of high importance.

You can buy it off Amazon. I realize that there are risks when taking DMSO, but many coaches and athletes have taken it during short term use with great success from minor muscle strains, etc. without any side effects that they know about. I remember first hearing about it from Bill Romanowski in his book saying that he’d have hamstrings/groin strains in practice and would return the following day after using DMSO. I’ve used it over the past week or so and haven’t noticed any more positive effects than when I used it the first time. I’ve probably received all of the benefits that DMSO could offer so I plan to stop using it now.