DMAs Training

Well I guess I show people how unfit I am

I have just finished my 6th week of GPP. I started running (tempo) work. My week looks liked this

Sun - Tempo - 2 x 5 x 15 secs run, 45 secs rest (My first run other than W/U for 3 months)
Mon - Tempo - in pool - 2 x 10 x 25m with 30sec rest
Tue - Weights (easy 3 x 10 @ 55%)
Wed - Tempo - Treadmill - 8 x 30seconds work and rest
Thu - Weights (easy 3 x 10 @ 55%)
Fri - “Repeat Monday”
Sat - Study (10 - 6pm) - That today 10th May
Sun - Tempo - 2 x 5 x 90m, 50m walk recovery

Other sessions

5 sessions of abs - total week 1200
3 chiro sessions
1 Fitball sessions

I am currently unable to do sprinting and heavy weights and no squats (with weight), deadlifts or olympic lifting.

Well there it is.

I have seen improvement in general fitness and have started to lose weight (2 kg).

Next 3 weeks are the most important to recovery. See chiro treatment, work deadlines and Uni assignment & exams. Also the introduction of speed work and wearing of spikes.

Obviously it has been a long time since last post - thanks Gloop

Well what has happened.

Strain right hamstring - rehab took 14 days.

I have introduced acceleration work over 25 metres as well as keeping flying 50’s.

My time are not good. But sprinting style is more solidand consistent.

Having alot of trouble with Sciatic problemson the leftside.

I will hopefully keep abetter journal, butvery busy with work, uni , training, coaching and renovating.

21 July

Tuesday - Did about 15 minutes of hurdle drills. Couldn’t jog due to left hamstring.

Wednesday - weights - Bench Press 2 x 6 at max (had stopper), Chin Ups - 3 types - 1 set of max (not many), squats 2 x 6 (first time using more weight than benches :slight_smile: and Reverse Leg PRess 2 x 6 xmax

Thursday - Chiropractor said hamstring problem is due to insertation problem (advised me to use a heat rub after training on area) Happy to know it isn’t lower back related as all is pretty good in that area.

Friday - Weights - Deadlift 2 x 6 at 90% of RM, Jerk 1 x 4 @98%,Step Ups 2 x 6 (12) at easy, Lying Hip Extension with Cable 2 x 5 slow + 5 fast x 5

Saturday -bugger all. Ate too much, and watch sport all day.

Sunday - Track - 6 x 15 m accelerations + 1 x 60 at 97% + 3 Hurdle drisl over 3 hurdles for 3 sets.

Happy I got through acceleration work even though it wasn’t super hard accerleration or the distance I wanted. Holding back because of Hamstring tendon.

Week of 29 July 2003

Has been the coldest and wettest week for a while - during week averaging 6 degree at training

Monday - Stretching session

Tuesday - evening. Planned speed session, but air temp of 4 degrees, decided on long tempos - couldn’t warm up properly and hamstring very tight. 2 x 400, 300, 200, 100 with same time recvoery (not quick)

Wednesday - 7 am Weights.
Bench Press 2 x 6 @ 7RM, Back Squats 2 x 6 @ 10RM, Pull Ups & Chin Ups 3 sets (total) x max , Reverse Leg Press 2 x 6 @ 7RM ( Have gone up every week)

Thursday - 6pm Tempo (2 x 10 x 100 with bodyweight before and after each run)

Friday - Planned weights - slept badly and shoulders aching from cold weather

Saturday - Fun session (not) 4 hours of reading research and journalson consolidation of financial reports.

Sunday - Speed Session 6 x 15m acceleration, 3 minute recovery + 1 x 60m + Circuit of abs, bodyweight and hurdle drills.

Training has been going steady for 4 weeks. Planned sessions have been changing almost daily due to weather patterns. Out of 12 track sessions 2 have been half decent weather, rest below 10degrees C, windy or wet.

So have introduced longer speed endurance or shorter acceleration work.

Weights are starting to move forward - even though I am forcing myself to back off.

Last track session ran 2 tenths training best for year over standing 30 in weather under 10 degrees and constant rain for 2 days.

Scaring more people which is fun.

Basic weeks has been

Mon - Conditioning - Pilates or Kick Boxing
Tue - Track Session - Speed Endurance
Wed - Weights - Strength
Thu - Track Session - Tempo plus body weight (2000m)
Fri - Was weights, now sleep in or pool session
Sat - Killer. Track Session - Speed and weights
Sun - Off - My turn to be pain in the arse coach. My favourite session

This week has been good and bad.

Got dumped during week - which is always fun. Over it now though ready to party.

This week has been a high intensity week with lots of off sessions as well. Sinus problems flared early in week.


Main sessions this week have been

Tuesday - Special Endurance 2 x 150, 15 minutes recovery (planned 20, but less 8degrees C). First time I have done 150’s at max pace (19 seconds)

Wednesday - Weights All weights up. In squat up by 10% in 3 weeks.

So extremely happy with training.

Expecting a couple of easier weeks in training due to work and uni committments.

This week easier week

Monday - stretching session. At work at 6:30am left at 6:30pm. Did an hour stretch when I got home.

Tuesday - Cold and windy 5 degrees© Intensive tempo session
10 x 60 with 50 seconds receovery at 80%

Wednesday - Weights (Easy Strength)
1. Dips 2 sets
2. Chin Ups 2 sets
3. Back Squat 1 x 4 at 90%4RM
4. Rev Leg Press 1 x 4 at90%4RM
5. Back Extension 2 x 12

Thursday - Planned Extensive Tempo.
6 x 200 at 70%, 60 seconds rest, 100m , 100m walk
Did the first two at 80%.

Friday - Rest

Saturday - Planned Track - Speed (5 x flying 30’s and 10 starts) then Weights 1 x 4 @ 90%4RM

Sunday - Coaching day.

22.9 Rest - tired
23.9 Track - I guess Endurance 1
60m in 7.63, 9 minutes rest
80m in 9.48,11 minutes rest
100m in 12.48.
All from first step - slight slightly sore, a very strong wind across track. First training days in shorts. Lovely white legs.

24.9 Weights
Deadlift - Regular 2 x 4
Snatch Pull 1 x 4
Military Press 2 x 4 with 10 second hold after last rep
Back Extension + Row 2 x 10

25.9 Truly terrible day. Had 20mm of rain. Shins sore

26.9 Weights
Dips 2 x max
Pull Ups/Chin Ups 2 x max
Back Squat and Jump Squats 2 x 4

27.9 Track - Speed
5 x starts over 10 - 20m
2 x 90 In and outs.
Burn Out push ups
AFL Grand Final day - My team won.
I really enjoy training and being dehydrated before drinking alcohol - I am a cheap drinker then.

28.9 Coaching

29.9 Latin Dancing for 20 minutes

30.9 Track - Special Endurance
90m in 11.42,11 minutes
120m in 15.50 - 1 second quicker than 1 month ago

1.10 Weights
Deadlift - Regular 2 x 4
Deadlift - Snatch 1 x 4
Military Press 3 x 4 with 10 sec hold at end of each set

  Have lost 4kg in 5 weeks down from 92 to 88kg now only 10 to go.

Keep your spirits up DMA!

Nice 120!

Thanks Pete.

This week has been different all training was pretty intense, but didn’t do many sessions due to assignments and coaching commitments.

2.10 Tempo Session
On Grass 2 x 10 x 100 (not timed) 50m rest reps + 100m rest set
On track 3 x 300 (not timed) 100m walk rest

   Why did I do 300's because I was dumb  :) 

3.10 Weights
Back Squat 2 x 4
Reverse Leg Press 2 x 4
Dips 2 x max
Pull Ups/ Chin Ups 2 x max

4.10 Coaching, assignment and organising wedding plans (not my own)

5.10 Coaching (8:30 to 5:30) managed to fit in some training
Short Hill at 5degrees
4 x 3 x 20 m Set 1 normal, sets 2 & 3 Acceleration Med Ball Throws and set 4 med ball above head.
Medball Throws and rebounds
Chest Throws and Overhead throws 2 x 6

 Tightened up in hamstrings, gluts and lower back

7.10 Special Endurance
Split Reps 150m + 100m; 100m walk between reps and 10 minutes between sets. at aroun 85-90%

8.10 Slept in missed morning weights.

have been a very angry ant all week.

9 Oct Tempo Session 7 x 300m, 100m walk recovery at 60-65% of estimate. First time I have done a session made up of anything greater than 200m

10 Oct Rest

11 Oct Rest - Studied for 6 hours, did manage to go for walk and stretch

12 Oct Rest - Coached, mowed lawns and Bathurst 1000

13 Oct Tight oh so very tight. Stretched

14 Oct Track - Speed 2 x 3 x Flying 30’s, 5-6 min/reps; 8 min/set
All times around 3.5-3.6s
Not overly happy with max speed

Ideas of times

30m acceleration - 3.76
30m Flying - 3.56
120m - 15.50
150m - 19.54 (not done for over a month)

So I am guessing the 100 will be around mid to high 12’s, 200 26s

16 Oct - Recovery Day
5 minutes rowing and 15 minutes on Bike - easy
1 hour massage

17 Oct Pioneer Maintenance Coefficient
Back Squats 3 x 2
Reverse Leg Press 3 x 2
Bench Press 3 x 2
Lat Pulldown 3 x 2

18 Oct Day off

19 Oct Coaching and mucked around doing olympic lifting

20 Oct Stretched

21 Oct Plyos

22 Oct Pioneer Weights
Hang Snatch 3 x 2
Back Squat 3 x 2
Rev Leg Press 3 x 2
Bench Press 3 x 2

Have my first meet on Saturday - expecting rain and 15 degrees C

23.10 Tempo on Grass with bodyweight exercises
10 x 100m

24.10 off

24.10 Competition 100m in 12.81
Happy with it good start and acceleration, lacking speed and endurance. Weather was ordinary 10degrees C and head wind - southerly wind.

25.10 Off

Well done DMA -
that’s a solid base - you’ll be able to knock lumps off once you get into your SE development

26.10 Off - light stretch

27.10 Competition and training
60m in 7.95 - reacted to gun, stood up in blocks lost race there.
then did a split SE session
105m walk back and a 120
Power Clean + Military Press 3 x 2 + 3 x 2
Deadlift + Hang Leg Raise 3 x 2 + 3 x 5

28.10 (today) tight and sore. Chest sore - no idea why.

But lower back has been tight, but not as bad as I have expected.

Work on Max speed, speed endurance and block work - but will emphasise the first two in training.

rest of the week will be easy or off - have exam next week, can start hard after that.

Happy with things - not great but not poor and know (I think) what I need to work on.

27.10 Tempo 20 x 100m on grass

28.10 - 4.11 Uni Exams and recover

5.11 Special Endurance
2 x 250m - 20 minute recovery
Very poor times.

8.11 Competition 100m in 12.86 (1.8m headwind) nice day. Structure of race better. Didn’t pop up as quickly, reaction and intitial movement wasn’t as good but first 30 better overall.

9.11 Recovery

10.11 Tempo on Grass 7 x 300m, 100m recovery. Shins killing me afterward. Oval was dry as a bone and compact.

11.11 Morning (7am) Weights
Power Clean 2 x 2
Deadlift 2 x 2
Bench Press 2 x 2\

     Evening (6pm)
     Speed session stopped after warmup - shins sore.  Treatment
     EDIT - no training had some needles - tetanus booster etc..

12.11 Tempo - Pool
2 x 6 x 45 seconds. 15 seconds/reps and 1.15 minute/sets

13.11 Morning weights
Power Snatch 2 x 2
Jump up on steps 1 x 2
Back Squat 2 x 2
Jump Squats 2 x 2

    (shins feel okay)  plan to do track session tonight.  See how they are after warmup

Have had an interesting week.

15.11 Competition in 33 degrees and very windy
Hammer in 43m, 60 in 8:16 very slow had nothing

16.11 Easy stretch

17.11 (am) Tempo - Rowing Machine
8 x 30 seconds on, 30 seconds rest
(pm) Yoga for 45 minutes

18.11 (pm) 4 x flying 20’s around 2.4, 6 minutes rest
1 150m in 19.23

19.11 (am) Tempo - Pool
2 x 6 x 45 seconds; 15 sec/reps, 1.15 min/sets

20.11 (am) Weight - maintenance
Power Clean, Jerk, Chest Throws and Jump Squats

21 - 24.11 Rest.

Averaged 5 hours sleep. Best man for a wedding.

Lost 2 kilograms over weekend. Very active though especially on dance floors of reception and local clubs. My bum was a hit with the females. God I love sprinting :smiley:

I see your in Tasmania, i was going to run the Burnie gift on news day instead i’ll be competing in Melbourne. Have you ever watched or competed in a Burnie gift?

Sharmer I have never been to the carnivals during christmas and new year. Would love to go and watch and compete (when good enough).

The Devonport carnival, which is a 2 day, is probably the best event from a spectators point of view.

Anybody who has the chance to do the carnival circuit, should.